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Kyle Huntington 09/23/11 07:51 AM

Ryan Adams Guardian Interview
Check out an interview with Ryan Adams by The Guardian where he talks about his new album, Laura Marling, drugs and more here.
From The InterviewHearing Marling offered Adams the challenge he needed. "I thought: 'For fuck's sake,'" Adams smiles, his piercing blue eyes peeking from behind a flop of raven hair. "I literally threw out 80% of what I had. And it felt good, to ask: 'What am I really capable of?' I felt competitive again to write great songs."

infiniteopera 09/23/11 08:16 AM

I love Ryan Adams so much.

trolland10 09/23/11 08:18 AM

this album is gonna be huge

Aphasia17 09/23/11 08:35 AM

That was a great read. It's awesome to know he's doing so well in his personal life now. Ashes & Fire is going to be incredible.

TimothyKuras 09/23/11 11:10 AM

My all time favourite song writer. This man is my inspiration

drudo182 09/23/11 12:49 PM

Wish it was October 11th already.

Shatter_Glass 09/23/11 11:40 PM

Cannot wait for Ashes & Fire!

E=MCHAMMER 09/24/11 01:32 PM

So excited for this release.