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Ryan Gardner 09/27/11 06:05 PM

We Are The In Crowd - Best Intentions
We Are The In CrowdBest Intentions
Record Label: Hopeless Records
Release Date: October 4, 2011

We Are The In Crowd really haven’t slowed down since signing with Hopeless Records in 2009. They released their debut EP, Guaranteed To Disagree, and spent a hot summer on Warped Tour in 2010 in an attempt to get their name on the map. Since then, the young band has toured with everyone from Hey Monday to All Time Low to Mayday Parade, allowing them to reach a much broader audience.

Now as the summer winds to a full close and fall rolls around, We Are The In Crowd are back with Best Intentions, their highly anticipated debut full-lenght. Returning to producers Zach Odom and Kenneth Mount, the quintet isn’t throwing too many curve balls this time around, but that’s not a bad way to play the game in their case. Yet, the band’s growth within the past year is undeniable, as the vocal chemistry between Taylor Jardine and Jordan Eckes has never been better, shining through in the addictive “This Isn’t Goodbye, It’s BRB.” The instrumentation excels throughout the debut as well, with the guitar work molding around the vocal delivery and rhythm section in ideal fashion throughout the record (as noted on the opening “Rumor Mill”).

Clearly, We Are The In Crowd have a knack for writing poppy tunes and soaring hooks. Have fun getting the chorus of the mid-tempo rocker “Kiss Me Again” out of your head while sitting in class next week. Keeping the pace at a medium, “All Or Nothing” is a mellow pop tune driven by Rob Chianelli’s soft drumming, harkening bits of He Is We, whereas “Exits and Entrances” begins softly before picking up into what may be the best full-band effort on the record. It’s the differing song structure that really sets these songs apart from the previous EP.

It isn’t all sunshine and bright days on Best Intentions, as the band has clearly had plenty of hardships within the past year alone. On the penultimate acoustic track “You’ve Got It Made,” Jardine sings, “I can’t sleep in my bed anymore / My home says so little now / Everyone’s gone in mind / And I paint myself in a corner…I’d love to be you / So I don’t have to feel this way.” Intricate personal moments continue to surface throughout the record – the pain of being on the road all the time is echoed throughout the in-your-face “On Your Own.”

Expressing the difficulty of the life these bands members have chosen – quitting jobs and school, leaving home, constantly being on the road – it’s no wonder that Best Intentions is littered with painful insights and expressions. These aspects result in previously unheard growth from the band.

The closing “Better Luck Next Time” proves the best was indeed saved for last, as Jardine holds nothing back here. When Best Intentions closes, the rapid growth of the young band does not go unnoticed at all. Now embracing their place among the brilliant Hopeless line-up, We Are The In Crowd have established their place on the label and within the ever-growing genre, all while having the Best Intentions to never stop moving forward.


Recommended If You LikeGuaranteed To Disagree; Paramore’s Riot; He Is We’s My Forever; The Morning Of’s The World As We Know It

Listen ToRumor Mill; Kiss Me Again; Better Luck Next Time

Additional Information
Track Listing:
1. Rumor Mill
2. This Isn’t Goodbye, It’s BRB
3. The Worst Thing About Me
4. Kiss Me Again
5. On Your Own
6. All Or Nothing
7. Exits And Entrances
8. See You Around
9. You’ve Got It Made
10. Better Luck Next Time

We Are The In Crowd are:
Taylor Jardine – Vocals
Jordan Eckes – Guitar, Vocals
Cameron Hurley – Guitar
Mike Ferri – Bass
Rob Chianelli – Drums


vivatoto56 09/27/11 06:12 PM

Good review. Fairly excited for this.

Hoping for some slower jams.

Ryan Gardner 09/27/11 06:17 PM


Originally Posted by vivatoto56 (Post 95562452)
Good review. Fairly excited for this.

Hoping for some slower jams.

I'd say about half of the record if pretty mid-tempo(ed). It's nice

vivatoto56 09/27/11 06:20 PM


Originally Posted by Ryan Gardner (Post 95562572)
I'd say about half of the record if pretty mid-tempo(ed). It's nice


Clockwork00 09/27/11 06:24 PM

Really hoping they step up the dual vocals on this one. I love Tay's voice but the guy-girl dynamic is what sets them apart. As long as it's good pop, I'll probably like this regardless, but upping the dual vocals would really hook me.

brandon_260 09/27/11 06:38 PM

Their EP last year was my favorite from 2010. When I saw them at Warped, they were my favorite set of the day. I am anticipating this album like crazy! I hope it doesn't get overshadowed by all the other releases next week.

KenneyBN 09/27/11 07:26 PM

Saw them twice with ATL/ Mayday this summer, and their live show was actually really really awesome. Looking forward to this.

Lions and Elm 09/27/11 08:11 PM

Record was disappointing. Blends so much together, except for the last track.

Penguin 09/27/11 09:52 PM

Great review! I'm really excited to hear this.

apparitionrecs 09/28/11 07:01 AM

Worst lyrics I've heard all year.

Passion Man 09/28/11 07:09 AM

So excited to hear a full length.But only a 7!?!??!

justinwho 09/28/11 07:27 AM

excited to hear this! they've come a long way from when they released that digital sampler EP way back when.

Alex DiVincenzo 09/28/11 07:35 AM

Good review. I'm liking this one. Any fan of the EP will love the album.

esposimi 09/28/11 08:03 AM

Huh, that song posted Monday is the last one on the CD? Odd.

GreggSidski 09/28/11 09:05 AM

Very nice review man. Have been waiting for a full length from them ever since I heard Never Be What You Want. And didn't see in the review, but is the album more Tay heavy than the EP or just about the same?