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Thomas Nassiff 09/27/11 10:28 PM

New Found Glory - Radiosurgery
New Found Glory - Radiosurgery
Record Label: Epitaph
Release Date: October 4, 2011[/color]

It’s almost like this review doesn’t have to be written. A shiny, freshly made batch of 11 pop-punk songs recommended for people who love pop-punk songs.

Or, in other words, a new New Found Glory record. Recommended if you like: New Found Glory.

Perhaps the most consistent band in the history of a genre they helped make extremely popular, New Found Glory’s seventh studio full-length, Radiosurgery, is exactly what you think it is. It’s 11 (actually, 10) wonderful gems meant for playing: 1. With the windows down; 2. With the volume turned up; 3. During the summer. Predictable words about a predictable record.

If I sound like I’m criticizing Radiosurgery, I’m only doing it half-heartedly. Aside from the question mark of Coming Home, New Found Glory has very rarely tweaked its style since its 1999 debut, Nothing Gold Can Stay. And why would they ever change? Creeping up on the 12th anniversary of that first release, New Found Glory has already almost doubled the timeline of relevancy compared to many of their peers. They’re one of the most-loved band in the genre and 12 years is a lot longer than the number suggests. Fans have loved every NFG album and have come out in droves to seem them perform live. Radiosurgery isn’t going to change that.

Incidentally, the record begins with its only flaw. It’s the reason I say there are 10 pop-punk gems on this album instead of 11. The title track and first single is the exact opposite of what past NFG opening tracks have been. Instead of a relentlessly pounding punch in the mouth to set the tone of the record, “Radiosurgery” features a chorus that is just a bit high on the sugar, and a riff that, while good enough, isn’t your typical Chad Gilbert/Steve Klein hardcore backdrop/catchy guitar line in the forefront. (see: “My Friends Over You’)

After getting past the first track, however, there’s a solid half-hour of beautiful new-school pop-punk jammers. “Drill It In My Brain” has the record’s first unforgettable chorus, and it’s followed by album standout “I’m Not the One.” Immediately, Jordan Pundik’s never-not-good nasally vocals will get old fans excited over a palm-muted guitar. Pundik’s cries of “She said that I’m not the one that she should bring home tonight / And I know that she’s not the one that I should bring home tonight” aren’t complex at all, but they’re extremely enjoyable to yell back. The song even features a distinct Sticks and Stones edge to it (specifically “Something I Call A Personality”), from the “Let’s go!” to the “Let’s cross that bridge when we get to it” later on.

Radiosurgery provides more of the usual lyrical content from Steve Klein: best friends and girl problems. Also as usual, it shines brightest when the guitars are at their best. “Ready, Aim, Fire!” has an uplifting riff, while “Summer Fling, Don’t Mean A Thing” follows a more bass-oriented sound, courtesy of Ian Grushka. Throughout the album, Gilbert and Klein combine for even more crunching, downward-aiming, dominating guitar riffs than ever. The production on Radiosurgery is as good as any past NFG album, an essential point for this band, since their style hardly varies. “Memories and Battle Scars” and closer “Map of Your Body” provide two memorable highlights near the end of the album, while “Caught In the Act” brings in a sweet guest spot from adored Best Coast leader Bethany Cosentino.

Before Radiosurgery came out, the band said it was going for a more Ramones-influenced, early '90s pop-punk sound. I personally took that as a message that they were trying to do another record like their self-titled. While Radiosurgery doesn’t really fill that void, it does undoubtedly have earlier-'90s influences stirred in – just an example of a veteran band putting their heads down and churning out the exact product they wanted.

New Found Glory has too many good records to call this one their best, but that doesn’t really matter in the end. Comparing Radiosurgery to Sticks and Stones, New Found Glory or even Catalyst or Not Without A Fight is simply irrelevant. It’s better to concentrate on what’s in front of us: a hard-hitting, purely enjoyable album from South Florida’s proudest sons. A band that was a major force in shaping this genre is extending its dominance and today, as is evidenced by the looming Pop Punk’s Not Dead Tour, is continuing a leadership role by bringing new opportunities to younger bands.


Recommended If You LikeNew Found Glory, South Florida
Bare Essentials1. Radiosurgery
2. Anthem for the Unwanted
3. Drill It In My Brain
4. I'm Not the One
5. Ready, Aim, Fire!
6. Dumped
7. Summer Fling, Don't Mean A Thing
8. Caught In the Act
9. Memories and Battles Scars
10. Trainwreck
11. Map of Your Body

The Revisionist 09/27/11 10:32 PM

Ehhh I haven't been too impressed with the songs I've heard off of this one so far.

youngz 09/27/11 10:33 PM

Really dig this album, sounds just like old NFG.

Thomas Nassiff 09/27/11 10:33 PM


Originally Posted by The Revisionist (Post 95575072)
Ehhh I haven't been too impressed with the songs I've heard off of this one so far.

How are they different from any other New Found Glory songs? The title track is the only one that falls noticeably short to me.

dmryan33 09/27/11 10:38 PM

Like this a lot. Memories and Battle Scars chorus is ridiculously catchy

superBMRuth 09/27/11 10:38 PM

can't wait to hear the album (I've avoided hearing any track but the single to this point). this review helped ease some worries i had.

MyFriendsOver 09/27/11 10:39 PM

Awesome review, Thomas, and I am more than ready to devour this album in less than a week! I was expecting Drew to write this one, but it seems you've filled those shoes quite ably :)

vivatoto56 09/27/11 10:48 PM

By far my least favorite of their releases. I enjoyed the review though.

And I still really like the album.

OdourlessHobo 09/27/11 10:51 PM

Although I didn't enjoy the title track, I did enjoy the rest of the album. The chorus to I'm Not the One is crazy good.

Great review man, you were spot on with everything.

smowashere 09/27/11 10:52 PM

I love "Summer Fling, Don't Mean a Thing." Can't wait to hear it in full!

Also, another great review.

Micah511 09/27/11 10:59 PM

this cd is great, and while you say that no comparison is really necessary, i feel this is a lot stronger front to back than not without a fight. i also dont hate radiosurgery the song.

Thomas Nassiff 09/27/11 11:01 PM


Originally Posted by OdourlessHobo (Post 95575582)
Although I didn't enjoy the title track, I did enjoy the rest of the album. The chorus to I'm Not the One is crazy good.

Great review man, you were spot on with everything.

Man that chorus is a fucking jam.

Edit: Something I thought about slipping into the review but didn't because it is personal and irrelevant. NFG is the only band that makes me wish I was born a few years earlier - they played their hometown shows before they got huge like a half hour away from where I grew up! Some of the dudes in the band went to Douglas or JP Taravella High in Broward County - those schools are so close by that when I played varsity basketbal we would play them every year! Douglas beat us two years in a row when we were undefeated, I hated that team. But anyway, NFG is basically the quintessential hometown band for a lot of my older friends from the South Florida area. I wish I had been able to see them play small shows way back when.

M.Lee 09/27/11 11:02 PM

Eh, NFG will always be NFG I guess. I almost feel like I've grown out of this mindless type of pop punk.

rushour144 09/27/11 11:20 PM

You hit the nail on the head with the last paragraph... you can favor whatever NFG album you want (besides Coming Home, I barely call that NFG) or say "so and so album was better than so and so) but at the end of the day, it is still NFG!

The simple truth is that NFG may not be bringing anything "new" to the table, but when the table is something they built way back when, does it even matter?!?! Radiosurgery IS NFG and it IS a great album, period!

rushour144 09/27/11 11:23 PM


Originally Posted by Thomas Nassiff (Post 95575092)
How are they different from any other New Found Glory songs? The title track is the only one that falls noticeably short to me.

This! Anthem of the Unwanted sounds like something off of NWAF or Sticks and Stones; Memories and Battle Scars sounds like a polished s/t song; and Map of Your Body sounds like something off of Catalyst. To be critical about this album is just dumb at this point!

I feel like people are starting to miss the point about pop punk bands haha!