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Lueda Alia 10/06/11 03:52 PM


Originally Posted by Jennurna Gray (Post 96032052)
Oh wow. Why do you think that is? My first thought was that there was added Canadian, but that's just me being a dumb American who isn't used to hearing that either. I've known about it for a few years just because that kid talked about it quite a bit and made it sound like a pretty cool place. I'm not friends with him because he pretty much disappeared off of the face of the earth about a year ago lolol. I will definitely check it out!

Haha no, you're right -- it's a mix of both accents. I don't really know how it turned into what it is, but I have no control over it!

That's awesome that you know about it. You just earned a buncha sweet points on my book! :buddies:

Ps: You should post a video.

StrictlyRude 10/06/11 05:40 PM

Well, I've tried to record a video several times and I think something is up with my mic so I'll just have to type what I wanted to say and send in a pic =[

The first time I ever heard of MCR was when MTV2 still played music videos if you can imagine that. It was some evening after I had gotten home from school in 2004 so I was a freshman in high school. I turned on the tv and after a while, the video for Iím Not Okay came on and I thought it was just the most amazing thing I had ever seen. They were putting out something that sounded so much different from everything else I was hearing at the time. They had me hooked with that one video. I never fit in growing up and I was always bullied so it was great to see some guys that had went through the same type of experiences as me overcoming that and making something of their selves. Ever since that day Iíve been a huge fan. Iíve followed everything that theyíve done and loved every second of it. When I heard Gerardís story of 9/11 and how he realized he wanted to make an impact, it inspired me. Iím currently going to school to become a psychologist so I can attempt to make a difference in kids lives so they maybe they wonít feel so alone like I did. I feel like MCR has truly made me a better individual and I really just want to say thank you.

Jennurna Gray 10/06/11 06:44 PM


Originally Posted by Lueda Alia (Post 96038082)
Haha no, you're right -- it's a mix of both accents. I don't really know how it turned into what it is, but I have no control over it!

That's awesome that you know about it. You just earned a buncha sweet points on my book! :buddies:

Ps: You should post a video.

Haha, well, that's awesome. It turned out to be really interesting! YEAAAAAAH! I'm finally cool! :-p

I would, but it'd be a huge disgrace to this thread. I'm not a huge fan of either. I basically only know the older, popular songs from each band (which I know is probably the most dangerous thing to say on AP)

ListyRayne 10/06/11 08:41 PM

What is the deadline for this?

MyJukeboxBroke 10/06/11 08:58 PM

holy shit mark looks like the grim reaper in that vid

blnk182bassist 10/07/11 12:43 AM

It's hard for me to really encapsulate why I love Blink-182, what they mean to me, what they've done for me through their music and personality influences, etc....but I tried to explain it to a certain extent in this video.

Many thanks to the blink guys, their management, etc for being awesome people. And thanks to Jason and the rest of AP.net for running an awesome site.

PS: I guess I got my dates wrong for when I started reading AP.net. My register date is 2003, so looks like I've been here for a little while ;) :P

7years 10/07/11 01:01 AM


Originally Posted by DylanPPPP (Post 95982942)

Being on camera is awkward. Especially when you're an awkward person...like me.

And I wanna see Tate's video :-(

...anyway! Please pick me! Cause if you don't...well, I'll just have to fight you.

hey whats that song in the background at the beginning of your vid?

DylanPPPP 10/07/11 07:13 AM


Originally Posted by 7years (Post 96061142)
hey whats that song in the background at the beginning of your vid?

Long Lost Friends byTransit.

smelltheglove 10/07/11 07:31 AM

I don't care enough to make a video, but here's how I discovered Blink 182, cuz it's kind of a neat story I guess:

It was June 1997 and I was 17 and went with a friend to my first of 10 straight Warped Tours.

Back then (this was the 3rd Warped Tour), it was still a relatively small festival, just the two main stages and one local-bands side stage. Maybe 3,000 in attendance total, a far cry from where the festival stands today.

There were 16 bands playing the two main stages, 30 min. sets of course.

I was there early, so I could catch every band. The bands went on esentially in order of popularity back then, so the most unknown band would play first.

yea, it was Blink 182. They were about to release Dude Ranch, it wasn't even out yet. There were a couple hundred people there early enough to see their set. I thought they were young and hilarious, regular dudes. Scott was still their drummer.

I dug their set and bought Dude Ranch when it dropped later that Summer. It became the soundtrack to my Junior year of HS of course.

crimes 10/07/11 10:30 AM

"What's My Age Again?" was on one of the first few NOW CD's and I was obsessed with those when I was a six year old.

Also, MCR I found on Yahoo Music and I thought Gerard Way was a scary woman.

theclassicvas 10/07/11 01:12 PM

blink were on kidz bop when i was like 4 (haha all the small things!), loved them since.. yes, i listened to the original songs back then too. and MCR in 6th grade when i started to get into rock music.

taylorkh818 10/07/11 01:42 PM

My name is Taylor and this is how I first discovered Blink-182 and MCR!

Discovering MCR was very special to me because it led to a lot of great relationships that I still have now and they are still my favorite band.

poisonpride11 10/07/11 02:44 PM

How I Discovered Them. <3
Well, lets see. First I'll start with my name and age. Hi, I'm Alexa Forbes, age 11. I first heard MCR when I was 6. It was 2006 in the car with my mom. I believe we were driving to the supermarket when Welcome to the Black Parade came on. I didn't know the title of the song or the band name, which sucked. It was my favorite song. I heard them again in 2007, 2009, and then finally 2010. That is when I got hooked. Before I saw Blink and MCR in concert, I was a loose fan of Blink. I knew a couple songs like Feeling This and What's My Age Again, but not a lot. I first heard What's My Age Again when I was 8-9 years old. After the concert, I started to realize after they came on that they were really good! I kept listening to them and know they are both two of my top three favorite bands. They helped me through a lot, aseptically My Chem. I've been through depression and back, and these to amazing, talented, unique bands helped me out. I don't care if I win or not, I just want people to know this. :-) <3

BrinkLesMorts 10/07/11 02:54 PM

I first heard Blink 182 around 6th grade. I didn't listen to much music at the time, but they are what really brought me further into all genres as I started exploring what everyone was listening to. "Rock Show" has been, and will continue to be, one of my favorite songs ever!

MCR actually saved my life. Literally. It was freshman year in high school, I had just gone through a really bad breakup. I've had a complicated past, including only about 2 true friends my real life. After my breakup, I was torn apart. I went on the internet and started looking for some music that could cheer me up. I stumbled across a website listing some good "emo" style songs, and from there I heard "The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You." That was the first MCR song I ever heard. As I listened further into all their music, some of it really seemed to speak to me and "I'm Not Okay" is what helped me get through the rest of the year, without resulting to some further physical damage...... Since that day, MCR has been my favorite band, EVER and I will forever be a fan of theirs.

Both Blink 182 and MCR are amazing bands, and I am forever a true fan for what they have done for me.

DesertPhoenix 10/07/11 03:07 PM