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BrinkLesMorts 10/07/11 02:54 PM

I first heard Blink 182 around 6th grade. I didn't listen to much music at the time, but they are what really brought me further into all genres as I started exploring what everyone was listening to. "Rock Show" has been, and will continue to be, one of my favorite songs ever!

MCR actually saved my life. Literally. It was freshman year in high school, I had just gone through a really bad breakup. I've had a complicated past, including only about 2 true friends my real life. After my breakup, I was torn apart. I went on the internet and started looking for some music that could cheer me up. I stumbled across a website listing some good "emo" style songs, and from there I heard "The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You." That was the first MCR song I ever heard. As I listened further into all their music, some of it really seemed to speak to me and "I'm Not Okay" is what helped me get through the rest of the year, without resulting to some further physical damage...... Since that day, MCR has been my favorite band, EVER and I will forever be a fan of theirs.

Both Blink 182 and MCR are amazing bands, and I am forever a true fan for what they have done for me.

DesertPhoenix 10/07/11 03:07 PM

kris1215 10/07/11 03:13 PM

My Chemial Romance and Blink-182
I'm not sure when the first time I heard Blink was but i had to have been at least 9 or 10 and I saw the video for All the Small things on MTV. I never really got into them besides whatever music videos were released, but I always thought how cool they were and how I should have gotten into them. When I heard about the Honda civic tour with My Chemical romance I knew I had to start really getting into them, and I downloaded most if not all of their songs. At the concert I had a blast and enjoyed myself so much, Blink really knows how to put on a excellent show. They have such energy and they really are the funniest.

Now My Chemical Romance, I first heard them July 4, 2005 (I remember the date so precise because it was the 4th of July.) I was watching MTV when Helena came on. Just from hearing one song i fell in love i immediately went online and started to do my research on the band and I went out and bought all of their albums. At the time I had no friends and I was depressed. That summer My Chemical Romance was the only band I listened to. They were my absolute favorite band. I realized that they were a band that saved your life. They each at a time were sad and alone and depressed but they each overcame that through their music. There music did the same for me. Each and every song spoke to me in some way. I watched every single live concert or performance online since I wasn't able to attend any concerts at the time. I had to wait 6 years before I saw them in concert. On December 3 2010 I finally saw them for my 19th Birthday. It was the greatest night of my life. I laughed, I cried and I sang every damn word to every single song. Since them I have seen them 3 times and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. Each concert is better than the last. My Chemical Romance is and will forever be my favorite band.

danceinthedark 10/07/11 03:17 PM

Story time!

I first heard blink-182 when I was about seven or eight. My big brother (he was eighteen at the time) had a fantastic music taste. He literally idolized them: they were the pinnacle reason that he wanted to be a musician. When he moved in with us for a year after high school, he bought a guitar and taught himself how to play. I remember hearing All The Small Things on repeat from his room as he played along clumsily. His dedication for music and learning to play was evident as he practiced for hours and hours, singing along with all his heart. I admired him so much.
My brother is the reason I fell in love with the concept of being in a band and want to do music as well, and I can't thank Blink enough for inspiring him to play and buy me my first guitar and always tell me I could make it if I tried hard enough, even after he gave up on the dream himself.

My Chemical Romance in itself is a different story. After my brother moved back to New York and decided to abandon his dream, he gave me the tools to find my own bands and fall in love with them as he had.
When I was entered middle school, I fell into a depression that music was no longer shaking me out of, and I was scared and alone. I was so hopeless that I'd considered suicide more than once, and I was only twelve, and I continued to suffer in silence.
One night, in April of 2005, I was at my childhood best friend's house, and that night I was so frightfully sad I told myself I couldn't live like that anymore. I was planning on taking my life when I got back home. She had no idea. Instead, she told me to sit with her at her computer and she had something to show me... and put on Helena. It was the first time something had touched my heart the way that song and video did. I can't even describe it. When it was over, I started to cry and never felt more grateful for something like that to exist.

jackgray1938 10/07/11 03:23 PM

Contest- MCR

crazyluv4mcr 10/07/11 03:39 PM

I became a fan while driving down the road in tears from my boyfriend breaking up with me, I had left my husband of 8 years at the time, and rekindled an old flame, my first love. I had known him sense I was 12, and throughout my life me and him would meet again and try again, every few years, so When I met him again, even after 8 years, It seemed, at the time, that It was meant to be. I was very wrong, again.
After 3 months of thinking that I had found true love, he had started using a street drug (again) and went to an old girlfriend who would do it with him, sense I would not do drugs even to keep him. So here I am driving down an ICE covered road, on Christmas eve, bawling for my ex boyfriend, listening to Christmas songs on the radio. Then they play this other Christmas song. I hear it start and I'm focused on the voice. I'm thinking "Whoever that is, I love this voice." Then the music kicks in and I'm like Oh my! This is so sweet! fuck, who is this? I had totally forgotten my misery completely, now thinking only about this band and this song! (If you haven't guessed it was "All I want For Christmas"( /Cover) By MCR) The first time it played the DJ never said the name so the whole ride, an hour to get 30 miles due to the Ice, I was begging the station to replay. and cussing the DJ.
Finally i get to my destination and round the corner, go into a slide, remembering at the last second to turn the wheel into the slide and it stops sliding. wheww so after a min to catch my breath i finally pull in the drive, reach for the key to cut it off and it starts, AGAIN, to play.
I lay back and listen enjoying it even more then the first time, and hold my breath for the name after its over. They say By My Chemical Romance and I die laughing, how appropriate! Well to the reason I lost the guy I was missing.. that happened Christmas eve 2004. so, i looked the guys up, fell in love with the sound and have been in love ever sense! I adore them to my core. they can still make me totally forget everything, and they inspire me more than I can ever explain in just mere words.
Almost 7 years has past, and to me, they feel like my family, or my close friends. They have helped me through so many hard moments in my life, that I owe them so much.
I will never love another band like this, and never have before. The profound impact they have made will never be met ever again.
I follow their plight feeling pride and admiration for them.
I truly am in love with a band, and I don't care who thinks it's strange, or stupid.
I will love them, to the end.
Pic of me:

DanielleAloi 10/07/11 03:45 PM

My name is Danielle. This is how I discovered My Chemical Romance :-)
Please excuse the fact that the audio and video becomes off at times.
I don't know why, but this keeps happening when I record with my webcam :/

Remotefeatures 10/07/11 03:49 PM

The Discovery

I like the discovery of music.

fruitsaves 10/07/11 03:50 PM

Honda Civic Contest Thingy



mayajasmine 10/07/11 03:54 PM

How I found out about My Chemical Romance
Four years ago I was introduced to My Chemical Romance by a close friend. I remember the first time I listened to them and the first song I heard was 'Teenagers' it was a few months after The Black Parade was released in 2007 and almost instantly I fell in love with the band. I had favourites like 'I'm not Okay', 'Teenagers', 'Vampires Will Never Hurt You'. After about six months, I stopped listening to them, and I realised it was just some sort of a "phase" that I was going through. Their music was lost and I completely forgot about them.

But three years later, another friend told me about this great band she'd discovered called My Chemical Romance. I told her about how they used to be my favourite band and how great their music was. I decided I'd dig up some of their old albums I had and listen to them. After doing about of research I found out about 'Danger Days' and I suddenly became really excited for the album release. I had re-gained my love for the band, and I realised that I actually never stopped loving them.

Later on that year, I started going down hill. I was being teased and bullied at school and family stuff at home wasn't going great. I knew that My Chemical Romance had a great reputation for helping kids that were going through a hard time, and that they'd saved lots of lives. I felt like I was going to hit rock-bottom. I was self-harming, and I had suicidal thoughts. I honestly thought that this would be the end of my life.
But I think that changed after Danger Days came out. My Chemical Romance was my favourite band again, and they stopped me from killing myself. I no longer self-harm and/or have suicidal thoughts. I found relief in their music and I can't tell anyone enough how inspirational and beautiful these men are. I can relate my story to Gerard's. He picked up he's life and he has a beautiful wife and daughter, and makes beautiful music. I've realised I don't need blades to make that happen. I just need music.

One day, I will meet these men in person and tell them how much they've done for me, and how much they mean to me. Because without them I wouldn't be here now.

I am incredibly thrilled to have them come to Australia early next year. It's my goal and my dream to meet them, and I know when I see them in concert, I will cry and sing my heart out to every single song, and I'll be proud to say that you guys saved my life.

I know that other people have been through exactly the same thing I have, and I feel that everybody in this fanbase is a family and can relate to what other people and myself have been through.

Whoever has read this, thankyou very much, it means a lot. And I will never forget this band and the fact that they saved my life

Twitter: sail0rm00n_

Amahami 10/07/11 03:57 PM

My Entry (?)

It's not the best, and I didn't make a script or anything.... I just told my story. ( : Thank you. <3

imaxartxkid 10/07/11 04:07 PM

My awkward video about how I discovered MCR.

imaxartxkid 10/07/11 04:07 PM

how I discovered my chemical romance
My awkward video about how I discovered MCR.

soffykilljoys 10/07/11 04:32 PM

Hi, I'm Soffy of Buenos Aires, Argentina and I have 14 years and I remember the first time you hear my chemical romance was in 2007, was 2 am and were going through the video of teenagers in an air channel, I had loved the song but was unable to see the name of the band or the song, after 3 years as a ballet partner hear other songs from the band, I loved it, and one day I saw the video of teenagers and I could not believe it takes 3 years to discover what was the band, since then, it was not one of the best of my life, my chemical romance saved my life I had, and thanks to many people I met really great and even got new friends, I'll never forget the first time I saw that video when I was 10 years, was something that changed my life forever: D

mcrxxmsi 10/07/11 04:35 PM

MCR entry (How I first heard MCR) :)