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Zoeandrian 10/07/11 04:35 PM

~My Chemical Romance~
I'm Zoeandra, age 13.

I've loved My Chemical Romance for what feels like an eternity now. I have four shirts (one I even bought last night), their merchandise, anything I can get my hands on. I've even been to one of their concerts (my first real concert so far), and an interview at the Grammy Museum.

I think the first time I really heard them, was around the Black Parade Era. I was little, and not really into bands yet, or at least anything specific. My father would always sing the first line to me over and over until I nearly lost my mind. I would hear it on the radio, but not think too much of it, occasionally humming in.
I didn't hear much of their music after that until I was just about to enter middle school.

I wasn't quite happy with life, so my anti-depressant became finding music and good bands. One that could sing everything I was too scared to say or dwell on. One that was truly heart felt.
I was talking online to one of my friend, while blaring Pandora, and she brought up their name. Alongside that, a My Chemical Romance song came on my Pandora. It was the one I had heard when I was little, "Welcome To The Black Parade." I fell into a moment of pure nostalgia, remembering my happy little self. Instantly I listened to the lyrics, and at that moment I realized this was it. This was the band I was looking for. The one that had deep meaning, not crappy generic lyrics. Almost like dark and demented poetry. After that day I was looking for any My Chemical Romance song I could, putting it on my ipod and using it to get out my emotions.

soffykilljoys 10/07/11 04:36 PM

Hi, I'm Soffy of Buenos Aires, Argentina and I have 14 years and I remember the first time you hear my chemical romance was in 2007, was 2 am and were going through the video of teenagers in an air channel, I had loved the song but was unable to see the name of the band or the song, after 3 years as a ballet partner hear other songs from the band, I loved it, and one day I saw the video of teenagers and I could not believe it takes 3 years to discover what was the band, since then, it was not one of the best of my life, my chemical romance saved my life I had, and thanks to many people I met really great and even got new friends, I'll never forget the first time I saw that video when I was 10 years, was something that changed my life forever: D

Pikachwu 10/07/11 04:43 PM

kuroshi-neko 10/07/11 05:05 PM


MaddieWay 10/07/11 05:07 PM

My Video :)
I'm sorry it's long, but this was my 11th take and I just wanted to make sure I could somehow get even a bit of what I wanted to say to the boys through!
Thank you so much AP.net for making this contest.
Gerard, Mikey, Frank, and Ray,
Thank you so much for being there and helping me through everything.
I hope you guys are able to watch this video and understand that you are amazing human beings.
Even if I don't win, I just want you guys to know that it means the world to me that you'll see this and know that you (and Green Day, can't forget them!!) are the best thing to ever happen to me.

Keep running guys, and keep rocking ♥

WhiteSalamander 10/07/11 05:19 PM

I First Heard MCR

mondaymorgan 10/07/11 05:35 PM

I'm Morgan and here's my video on how I discovered MCR! <3

liveformcrmy 10/07/11 05:40 PM

MCR love

Me talking about how I came across MCR/My Favorite Band :))

MagentaHutchins 10/07/11 05:58 PM

How i discovered the AMAZING band MCR!
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The first time i saw heard there music was when i was watching my countries music channel called C4. "I'm not okay" came on and i can remember my eyes being fixated on Gerards sexy black hair. I had never seen anyone who looked like this, dressed like this andf his voice just blew me away. The song made me feel like he was speaking directly to me and i fell in love. i remained glued to that t.v for the video's entirity. Ever since that moment i fell in love with MCR i did anything i could to get their CD's and getting there merch has been my only birthday / xmas presents for 7 years now.[IMG]file:///C:/DOCUME%7E1/fifi/LOCALS%7E1/Temp/moz-screenshot.png[/IMG]

MCR has literally saved my life twice. I have suffered many harships in my short 17 years and their music has been my best tool in surviving.Their dvd LOTMS was the best thing that could have happened. seeing Gerard go through all those ups and downs and his advice gave me the strength to go on.

Jennocide 10/07/11 06:01 PM

When I first heard My Chemical Romance and Blink-182...
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When I first heard My Chemical Romance I was 13. I was just beginning to enter Middle School and having a rough time, all the people I thought were my friends in elementary entirely abandoned me for cliques, and at the time I wasn't very out going. When I hit middle school it was like starting back at square one, and I started to become really depressed and afraid I would never make any new friends. Some of the first people I met had similar views and likes in music that I did, and a friend suggested I check out this website that had a bunch of interesting music. I logged on and found the song "Honey, this mirror isn't big enough for the two of us," and instantly I wanted more. The way the music sounded, was as angry as I felt when people talked about the way I dressed, or how I looked. And to be frank, in Middle school I didn't give a fuck, but I did. When I finally saved up the money, I ran out and bought "I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love." And when I first listened to it I didn't know what to think, so I placed it on my mantel and waited until it felt right. About a week later I stopped doing much of anything in my classes, and I stopped talking to the people I was starting to make friends with. I started to become deeply depressed and couldn't make myself feel better unless I cut myself, or painted all of my feelings out. One night I locked myself in my room and began drawing, I was in what felt like a spiral of never ending depression, over the loss of my grandfather, having no one I felt I could confide in, and knowing that eventually I would have to give up art to become something my parents wanted me to be. That night I decided something had to give, I was either going to get over this and make something of myself, or this was my last drawing. I left all of my brushes on top of my mantel in an old cup, and that's when I found "I brought you my bullets." I placed it in my cd player and started to violently attack the paper. I didn't care what I was making I just knew that somehow everything bad in me had to come out and the music helped me find where it was hiding. That night I fell asleep with "Demolition Lovers" on repeat in my headset. The next day, I had started to draw in my math class, because I wanted to be an artist and didn't see the point in it, and that's when some one next to me said "Hey I like your art!" I turned and saw a girl who was also doodling in a sketch book. We quickly became friends, and it wasn't long before we were inseparable, but she was also going through some deep emotional issues. We confided in each other and talked about as much as we could together. We both became huge My Chemical Romance fans, and soon enough people were calling us names again, thinking back we shouldn't have let this bug us, but it did. One night I went to her house and we just started blasting music and creating art, no one said anything. "I brought you My Bullets," had just played through and her cd's changed, and that's when I heard "Adam's Song" by Blink 182. I had heard Blink before, but I wasn't familiar with their older music, and this to me was one of the first times, I ever listened to Blink. She and I blasted Blink and MCR the rest of the night and drew out everything, until we eventually couldn't draw anymore.
We stayed close into high school and we both still listened to MCR and Blink. We were both active members in the MCRmy as well. She and I had both seen MCR many times and every time I would see My Chemical Romance I would hand paint a custom design just for that show. I had entered as many things into my MCRmy log as possible, living in a small town meant that hardly any one knew who the bands were, let alone care about anything that wasn't country music, but we both still tried. Then one day I went home and checked my e-mail and saw a congratulations e-mail. I began to read it and all I could do was scream! I had been awarded a meet and greet with My Chemical Romance during the Black Parade tour. The only thing I could do was cry, because every member in the band was my hero. They also allowed my best friend to go with me to the meet and greet and all we could do the whole time was smile. My best friend and I are still close even though we are so far away. She went on to do music, and I went on to do art. I am now in my Senior year at art school, and will be graduating with a focus in Industrial Design. I can honestly say, that with out My Chemical Romance, Blink 182, and my best friend Nikki, I wouldn't be alive today, and I wouldn't be doing what I really enjoy.

Thank you for everything MCR and Blink182, and thank you for your time.


(attached is the t-shirt design I hand painted when I got to meet My Chemical Romance, a picture of my best friend Nikki as Frank and me as Gerard for Halloween when we were in Highschool, and a picture of me 2 years ago as The Rumor for Halloween)

jennawalk11 10/07/11 06:19 PM

how i first heard about mcr and blink

ok so im 14 and this is my story, i love both so much and they mean the world to me...i wouldnt be here without them ♥

glowstixxx 10/07/11 06:32 PM

Why MCR (Sonically) Kicked Me in the Face
AP.net Contest - or, 'Why MCR (Sonically) Kicked Me in the Face'

PS: Some photos I took from last time MCR rocked Rogers Arena in Vancouver with Blink 182 in August -

LichtenStrange 10/07/11 06:36 PM

I First Heard My Chemical Romance When...

Brexxar 10/07/11 06:47 PM

Glitterfreeze 10/07/11 06:54 PM

When I was about 8, Ally and AJ came on America's Got Talent and played Chemicals React. My sister, who was babysitting me, was in the other room, so I called out for her and told her they were playing to see if maybe she wanted to see it. She apparently misheard me, cause she ran into the room yelling," OMYGAWD MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!!! GERARDWAY GIGO *unintelligible fangirling*
jkjoiergjhrewqporhiuhafkarhkua!!!! AH!
Wait. Who are THEY!?" She wasn't pleased.
That was during Revenge.

When I was 11, I watched Twilight song parodies, where they take scenes of the movie and put them to appropriate music, almost all summer. They had Teenagers and Blood in one of them. After that, I spent my time on YouTube listening to Blood on loop and eventually graduated to Welcome to the Black Parade. Eventually, the summer ended and I forgot about MCR.
That was during Black Parade.

This April, my best friend, Leanna, spent the night at my house. The next morning, we were too lazy to get out of bed, so we spent two hours listening to music on her phone. Eventually, Cancer came on. A week later, I found myself searching that song on YouTube and begging Leanna to send me links to more videos. She sent me Na Na Na, Helena, Famous Last Words, I'm Not Okay, and Teenagers. Eventually, she got annoyed and told me to fend for myself- probably because I wrote an IM, long enough to be an essay, that described how significant I found Na Na Na to be. I found and listened to every other song, except for anything on Danger Days. She came over with her CD and we blasted it. We danced until we, quite literally, could not stand it. When Vampire Money started, I was standing in the corner of the right side of my bedroom. By the end of the song, I had collapsed on the left side. I headbanged myself into oblivion that night.
That was when I became a Killjoy.