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Krs-One 10/05/11 12:40 PM

I remember being in 6th grade when my older cousin came to visit and showed me Enema of the State. It was the first music I ever heard with cusing and I fucking loved it.

All the different music I listen to today.. anything from pop punk to death metal is because of blink

Manufactured Dreams 10/05/11 12:40 PM

This is so cool. I might do one.

Thomas Nassiff 10/05/11 12:40 PM


_veges_ 10/05/11 12:41 PM

I felt like I was the luckiest kid in the world when in sixth grade I discovered them on a mix tape with early brand new that my dad had made.

Gaugzilla 10/05/11 12:41 PM

Ah, I think I'll participate after work. Add a little ugly to the collage of videos. I think this was a great idea. Now we can appropriately judge each other not only on our opinions, but how we look.

Jenny Tate 10/05/11 12:46 PM


Originally Posted by Jason Tate (Post 95973492)
Eda's got an accent!

/I should shower before doing this I suppose.

Awww, so cute.

anamericangod 10/05/11 12:47 PM

On a scale of 1 - TgeArtDamage, how creepy is it if I save Eda's video?

ghsNICK! 10/05/11 12:48 PM

*Thinking about making a video*

Maybe my good looks can make up for my opinions on AP that everyone seems to hate? :stickout:

Thomas Nassiff 10/05/11 12:49 PM

Dayummmmm my video is super dark. I recorded that at like 3:45 a.m.

Jason Tate 10/05/11 12:49 PM


Originally Posted by Jenny Tate (Post 95974362)
Awww, so cute.

The accent or my lack of showering? Because I can assure you my musk is not all that cute.

irthesteve 10/05/11 12:49 PM

Lol Kyle with your Maccabee's shirt

Mitch 10/05/11 12:57 PM

I want to do this (assuming I can muster up the courage to post a video of myself)! What's the deadline?

esposimi 10/05/11 12:59 PM

Radio airplay of "All The Small Things" and " I Miss You" in middle school got me into Blink

Heard about MCR from friends who listened to them, "Danger Days" is one of my favorite albums.

Mr.Piano93 10/05/11 01:01 PM

Love this idea! Great videos, all of you. Especially Lueda's.
I first heard about Blink probably 6 or 7 years ago. They were on the soundtrack of one of the Tony Hawk video games, and that's what kind of got me into rock music in general. I'm not a huge fan of them today, but I cannot deny the huge influence they have had on so many people's lives and art.

pantsandjacket 10/05/11 01:01 PM

Bubble Boy.