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newfoundglory00 10/05/11 02:44 PM

Memphis 10/05/11 02:46 PM

I discovered My Chemical Romance through the Project Revolution 07 trailer. By that time, all I used to listen to were Linkin Park or Green Day or Enya. So, there was a clip of My Chem playing "Welcome...", I liked it, checked other songs out and instantly fell in love with them. I was spinning The Black Parade endlessly from then on and they're still one of my favourite bands.

As for Blink, I don't quite remember, but I guess it was when a friend sent me a video of Adam's Song. I f***ing love that song.

heron182 10/05/11 02:46 PM

Kyleisraddd 10/05/11 02:54 PM

juliomartinez14 10/05/11 02:58 PM

AP.net, How I first heard of Blink 182

emopunkfan 10/05/11 03:01 PM

my camera isn't working so i'll just type it.

I first discovered My Chemical Romance at one of the small stages at the 2004 Warped Tour. I really enjoyed their live show, and then saw them again that same year on MTV's Discover and Download. I bought all their CD's that were out at the time, and I feel in love them. I saw them at the Irving Plaza in December 04, and is still one of my favorite concerts I ever went to .Seeing them headline Bamboozle 2007, and seeing 30,000 people stream every lyric was something incredible, and I will never forget. Seeing how far they have grown since the time i saw them in 2004 is amazing.

For Blink 182, I first discovered them watching the 2000 VMA's. At the time, I kind of was into different types of music, but Blink played All The Small Things, i feel in love with the band and that genre. TOYPAJ was the first CD I ever bought with my own money and is my favorite CD of all time. I almost feel like Blink and pop punk has shaped me into the person I am today. Their my favorite band and they will be my favorite band till I die.

HollowPrince665 10/05/11 03:04 PM

How I got into Blink and MCR.

Blink 182 had been out for a hot minute by the time I got into them. I was in 4th grade so it was like 1999 2000ish and my big brother would play Enema of the State and Dude Ranch and I just fell completely in love with it. I loved how they didnt really take themselves too seriously and you can just hear how much they loved what they did and their emotions in each song. When I got into middle school I started to buy the CD's and eventually I collected all their studio albums except for The Mark Tom and Travis Show and Flyswatter. I remember when I was in 7th grade I wanted to see them so bad but by the time I was "old enough for concerts" the band had broken up but I still listened to each and every album. I love you guys and I hope to always be enthralled in your music. I still want to see them but everytime I cant because they come during the school week and I know I will never be able to wake up on time lol. And Mark Hoppus is one hell of a bassist and he is the main reason why I picked it up and enjoy it even more.


Funny story with MCR, it was 6th grade and at the time Helena was all over the radio and I was like "man who the hell is this!?" and someone said its My Chemical Romance. At the time I couldn't buy Explicit records so I bought I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love and just the sheer intensity of Gerard's voice grabbed me. I already wanted to learn bass because of my idolization of Mark Hoppus but it was Mikey Way's Bass intro to Honey, This Mirror isnt Big Enough for the Both of Us that got me yearning to pick it up. I eventually bought Three Cheers and omg the song writing, the emotion, the heavy riffs, it just grabbed me and never let go. I've followed them through the Black Parade and kept finding more and more to listen to. I always wanted to see them live but they came on days that just never worked with mine but from the live performances its as if I am there. These guys taught me that when you feel alone and that no one knows your pain there are at least 5 guys that may have an inkling of what you are going through, they are just as fucked up or more than you are.

iAMhollyood315 10/05/11 03:04 PM


Originally Posted by Alex DiVincenzo (Post 95973722)
I didn't make a video because I suck, but I wanted to share my memory quickly. By happenstance, My Chemical Romance is the first band I ever saw perform live. At the age of 14, I went to go see The Used and Thrice for my first concert ever on April 18, 2003 (I Googled it) at Lupos in Providence, RI. Story of the Year - before the were signed - opened the show but we got there late when My Chem was playing. I've probably seen a thousand bands since then, but I'll never forget my first.

Funny i Actually went to that tour in Syracuse at Bridge St. Music Hall. I still have the flyer, but i remember waiting in line to get in and we got talking to these guys behind the venue and asking what band they are in. (embarrassingly) they were touring in a beat up van and a dinky trailer. boy did they get popular after

heron182 10/05/11 03:08 PM


Originally Posted by juliomartinez14 (Post 95981732)

congrats my man!

ctmk 10/05/11 03:09 PM


Originally Posted by Lueda Alia (Post 95980662)
I thought you would never ask.


four_ 10/05/11 03:17 PM


DylanPPPP 10/05/11 03:22 PM

Being on camera is awkward. Especially when you're an awkward person...like me.

And I wanna see Tate's video :-(

...anyway! Please pick me! Cause if you don't...well, I'll just have to fight you.

iAMhollyood315 10/05/11 03:24 PM

heres my official entry. Blink 182 helped me enter the world of punk rock, baggy shorts, Drive Thru records, bleached hair and Tom made me want to pick up the guitar.

frenchatticus 10/05/11 03:33 PM

won't even try to bs this

trappedintime 10/05/11 03:35 PM


edit: The concert I'm referring to is the Tampa, Florida stop in the Reunion Tour.