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Keagan Ilvonen 10/06/11 01:24 AM

From Indian Lakes Post New Song
From Indian Lakes have posted a new song on their facebook. The band are also in the studio recording their new album right now.

Romancebled 10/06/11 02:00 AM

Surprised to see these guys covered on here. Really talented band. Also excellent live.

MusicSnob&Proud 10/06/11 02:25 AM

this. band. is. awesome.

phillipjacob 10/06/11 02:56 AM

This band deserves all the recognition they get.

seanthethief 10/06/11 05:19 AM

I am so incredibly excited for this album - my buddy dryw (singer from consider the thief) is producing it

falafelmywaffle 10/06/11 06:56 AM

First time I've heard them, I'm liking it.

lotusmilano 10/06/11 08:35 AM

Sounds so so good

bluekey 10/06/11 08:50 AM

This is gonna be a great album.

sokonfused 10/06/11 08:59 AM

Oh wow. So excited to see these guys getting a little recognition on here. I consider them some of the most talented and driven guys to come from my hometown.

iamkida 10/06/11 09:35 AM


Originally Posted by Romancebled (Post 96011562)
Surprised to see these guys covered on here. Really talented band. Also excellent live.

agree whole heartedly. saw them play unplugged at a show with lakes last year. been a big fan ever since.

AdamChildress 10/06/11 09:52 AM

So glad to see them covered on here...They are the closest thing to Circa Survive (not in musical similarities, but musical impact on my life) that I've come across when it's come to a band. They have had the potential to blow for so long now, I hope it happens.

Bethanie 10/06/11 11:01 AM

Woah, these guys are one of my favorite bands. Glad they got some recognition here. I seriously listen to The Man With Wooden Legs in its entirety at least once a day. Can't wait for their new album.

joeycYDG 10/06/11 11:11 AM

Just got into this band a little while back and I'm so glad I did. These guys are great.

FoxVsWolf 10/06/11 01:20 PM

These guys are so talented; The Man With Wooden Legs was so incredible.

sorryvampire 10/06/11 01:44 PM

so excited, i love these guys.