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Thomas Nassiff 10/07/11 09:01 AM

ABSOLUTExclusive: Blink-182 Cover Download
If that news title didn't confuse you at all, you might be the only one. Today's exclusive is something a little bit different - we have a featured download of a cover of Blink-182's "Up All Night" by a YouTube user who calls himself "keezykabeezy." The reason the cover caught my attention is two-fold. For one, he plays the song "as if Blink had written it in the 90s," during the Enema of the State era, for clarity's sake. The result is a much faster song with vocals that almost eerily resemble what Blink actually sounded like - he hit the nail on the head for what he was going for, in my opinion. The other reason is that it's one of those cool videos shot in four squares on the screen, with Kyle playing each of the four instruments and performing both vocal tracks by himself in his home studio. With no offense meant to the band, as I love the album version of the song, I have played this cover almost an embarrassing amount, so I emailed Kyle and we worked out a free download for AP.net readers. Head to the replies to watch the YouTube video and check out the MP3 download here.

Thomas Nassiff 10/07/11 09:02 AM

Craig Ismaili 10/07/11 09:07 AM

I can see it.

mynameisgeneric 10/07/11 09:07 AM

This is really cool

knorr45 10/07/11 09:07 AM

Damn. That was really cool and sounded good

CdMBoarder 10/07/11 09:09 AM

amazing cover

loudpunkguitar 10/07/11 09:09 AM

i like it

derekmoyer4 10/07/11 09:09 AM

i enjoyed this.

i_was_a_lid 10/07/11 09:09 AM

Really good. The cover's chorus is so much better

Chris.Cullari 10/07/11 09:11 AM

Love it. The piano break/build is perfect.

FourStarters 10/07/11 09:11 AM

I ended up liking this a lot more than I did the actual version. Awesome work - does this kid post here?

He's got a pretty solid acoustic cover of "Feeling This" too.

Ryan Dennehy 10/07/11 09:11 AM


dontswimtoshore 10/07/11 09:11 AM

This Is Sick.

Avalanche1 10/07/11 09:11 AM

This is so good. I like it better than the real Up All Night.

SmeezyBeezy 10/07/11 09:13 AM

haha wow that was actually really awesome.