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Christian Wagner 10/11/11 11:39 AM

Major League Music Video
Head to the replies to watch Major League's music video for "Some Kids Just Can't Hang."

Christian Wagner 10/11/11 11:39 AM

slowdrives 10/11/11 11:43 AM

haha this is great! I know their drummer Luke. Solid dude.

zippoX41 10/11/11 11:45 AM

Awesome guys, awesome song.

formated4tv 10/11/11 12:16 PM

Never heard of these guys before today, but definitely digging them.

DylanPPPP 10/11/11 12:19 PM

Love these guys. Song has awesome verses and a pretty lame chorus and in turn is definitely not my favorite song of theirs but hey. Still a fun listen.

Arry 10/11/11 12:44 PM

solid band.

cococrisp20 10/11/11 12:46 PM

so good, can't wait to see em in november

Jaytothesyg 10/11/11 12:54 PM

Glad I found out about these dudes a couple days ago!

PetitnaindesĪles 10/11/11 01:29 PM

vocals reminds me a bit of Transit, pretty good

JoeFCC 10/11/11 03:12 PM

Great dudes, fun video!

Hands down handsomest(sp?) band in Pop-Punk.

Big_Guy 10/12/11 03:41 AM

Oh joy, another one of these bands.