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Christian Wagner 10/14/11 04:40 PM

More Additions To A Very GK! Holiday Festival
A Loss For Words, State Champs, Koji, and Mitchy C have been added to A Very GK! Holiday Festival.

Tilde 10/14/11 04:48 PM

that line up just gets stronger and stronger.

Alison1488 10/14/11 04:56 PM

I would love to go to this show!

wall e 10/14/11 05:07 PM

No way I'm missing this

Losthope182 10/14/11 05:30 PM

Glad I picked up a ticket before they jacked the price again. Stoked for this. With this line up it should be better than last year.

wall e 10/14/11 05:39 PM

That price is rough

radashlee 10/14/11 05:45 PM


Originally Posted by wall e (Post 96449842)
That price is rough

it's basically like warped tour, minus the super small bands for a cheaper price.

brandon_260 10/14/11 07:52 PM

I really wish this was near me.

DCART 10/14/11 09:06 PM

Why can't this be in philly

shimmyshakes 10/14/11 09:25 PM

Strongly considering going to this. Each city is pretty much a 6 hour drive, only problem is I don't know if I'll have finals that Friday 12/16. Dammit.

pmmets07 10/15/11 06:38 AM

okay this better not be during finals week.