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Ryan Gardner 10/17/11 07:09 AM

Pinsky - Losing Touch
PinskyLosing Touch
Record Label: Sinking Ship Records
Release Date: July 5, 2011

There’s something about dual vocals in “emo” music that – when executed properly – always seems to hit the spot. Reminiscing early 2000s-era throwback emo music, Pinsky are quite a breath of fresh air for the genre. Vocalists Peter Vachon and Jeffrey Roberts play off one another in charismatic fashion, with their piercing guitar tones paving the road.

The opening “Losing Touch” gives the first taste of Pinsky’s sound, as the distorted, fuzzy guitar tones add layering to track behind the chunky bass line of Mike Graton. Changing the sound up, Graton takes the lead on “View Finder,” resulting in what sounds like a louder, more rock-oriented The Format song at times. The two vocalists feed off the meaty guitar play and bass line on what may be the best vocal performance on the record in “The Only Ones.”

The stylistic changes of Pinsky throughout the record make each song different than the next one. For instance, “Monotony” and “By Your Side” are two gut punches, each a raucous, loud punk track, while “Half Full” mixes in melodic harmonies with gruff vocals. The chemistry between the three vocalists is remarkable throughout Losing Touch, as the harmonies escalate with each change in tone. Additionally, the guitar work proves to be the backbone of Pinsky’s sound, as the vocals mold around the brusque guitar tones (“The Ocean”).

“States” formulates the unique sounds of the band into one final outcry, featuring the best instrumentation of any song on the record. As Losing Touch ends, it takes the listener some time to truly discern Pinsky’s sound, as they change it up all the time. This is not by any means a hindrance; rather, they come off as a young, versatile band full of talent. Fans of punk, pop-punk, and throwback emo music will be right at home with Losing Touch, as Pinsky offer something for everyone.


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Listen ToLosing Touch; Half Full; States

Additional Information
Track Listing:
1. Losing Touch
2. Hesitation
3. View Finder
4. The Only Ones
5. Winter Street
6. Monotony
7. By Your Side
8. Half Full
9. The Ocean
10. States

Pinsky are:
Peter Vachon – Vocals, Guitar (first vocals on “Losing Touch”)
Jeffrey Roberts – Vocals, Guitar (first vocals on “The Ocean”)
Mike Graton – Bass, Vocals (vocals on “View Finder” and “Hesitation”)
Andre Tranchemontagne – Drums


Keagan Ilvonen 10/17/11 07:19 AM

Love these boys.

Viva Sonata 10/17/11 07:48 AM

Love this shit. Way to be, guys.

207 represent.

collideoscopic 10/17/11 10:43 AM

I was very pleasantly surprised when I fell upon this record by accident. Definitely worth many listens.

SmallFrailBoy 10/17/11 11:21 AM

Ryan, thanks for reviewing! And thanks for the kind words. Hope folks give this a listen.

Christian Otte 10/18/11 10:29 AM

Another reason why Spotify is the future: I check out this positive review, hit up Spotify, click "play" and like what I hear. I probably wouldn't have gone out of my way to check this out with all the other music that I need to listen to, but since I had 15 minutes to kill, I thought "what the hell".

Anthony Sorendino 07/13/12 03:20 PM

Just gave a listen. Good stuff!

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