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Ryan Gardner 10/17/11 07:12 AM

Valise - Dreamcatcher EP
ValiseDreamcatcher EP
Record Label: None
Release Date: June 26, 2011

I discovered Valise when they opened for Lydia last week. Having never heard their music before, the guys absolutely blew me away. From the soaring vocal melodies to the atmospheric instrumentation, the small Dallas band put on quite the show. The next day, I quickly got in touch with their management and just like that, I experienced Valise at recorded quality with Dreamcatcher.

Containing hints of Circa Survive and PMtoday, Dreamcatcher could really put Valise on the map – especially around here. The opening title track displays the building drumming and climaxing guitar work over Vince Penick’s dazzling vocal delivery. Not to mention, the track has some hints of Copeland, which shouldn’t be that surprising considering it was recorded at The Vanguard Room with Aaron Marsh and Matt Wilbur. For Valise, it’s the combination of ethereal vocals and mellow, haunting instrumentation that really makes them standout, as noted on the enticing “Heartbeat.”

“Chains” features Marsh himself on the trombone, while Penick sings, “I've got heavy eyes / Cause this world can rob me blind / And I can see what's in front of me / And it's all i have” over a meaty bass. The light instrumentation layered throughout the final “Scary In The Dark” adds a chilling depth to the song as Holly Ann accompanies Penick in this flawless performance.

For only a debut EP, Dreamcatcher points to great things to come for Valise. From their faultless live performance to the spectacular execution throughout Dreamcatcher, Valise will leave us anxiously anticipating their debut record.


Recommended If You LikeCirca Survive’s Juturna; PMtoday’s In Medias Res; Tides Of Man’s Dreamhouse

Additional Information
Track Listing:
1. Dreamcatcher
2. Heartbeat
3. Chains
4. Scary In The Dark (Feat. Holly Ann)

Valise are:
Vince Penick – Vocals, Guitar
Jared Travis – Guitar
Casey Newton – Bass
Ricky Johnson – Drums


uglystar03 10/17/11 09:26 AM

I've considered buying this for a few weeks. They remind me of Copeland and Lydia, which is always good.

Circus O' 5 10/17/11 10:55 AM

Great review!
This band is wonderful. Listening to their EP, one can definitely feel not only the hard-work and dedication the artists put into the instrumentations, lyrics, and vocals, but how much the artists believe in creating music that they love.
If you're lucky enough to see them live (they mostly play in Dallas and have toured to Orlando), you will be shocked at how well they play live and the energy they feed to the crowd; it's always a spectacular night with many people taking notice. Valise has something special and I cannot wait for more music from them and for the world to hear it.

adozenroses 10/17/11 12:23 PM

my favorite new band of 2011

medicinetree 10/17/11 01:56 PM

This is one of those EPs I can listen to over and over again. Really think these guys have big things ahead of them. If you like Copeland, Edison Glass, Lydia, Circa, and/or Radiohead -- buy this EP. You won't regret it.

Prae Omnia 10/17/11 03:06 PM

Will be checking these guys out

Rysker6 10/17/11 04:22 PM

Vince Penick Saosin 2012

YoungHeartsBeFree 10/17/11 04:28 PM


Originally Posted by Rysker6 (Post 96583702)
Vince Penick Saosin 2012


Ryan Gardner 10/17/11 04:36 PM


Originally Posted by Rysker6 (Post 96583702)
Vince Penick Saosin 2012


Circus O' 5 10/17/11 07:28 PM


Originally Posted by Rysker6 (Post 96583702)
Vince Penick Saosin 2012

touche. tell the guys to talk to management and maybe i'll start listening to them for the first time since Ant left

phillipjacob 10/17/11 07:58 PM

holy cow, where did this band come from. listening to them now, absolutely beautiful.

YoungHeartsBeFree 10/17/11 08:19 PM


Originally Posted by phillipjacob (Post 96596402)
holy cow, where did this band come from. listening to them now, absolutely beautiful.

Dallas, Texas

JoshSalas 12/02/11 04:27 PM

Is this streaming anywhere?

Ryan Gardner 12/02/11 05:08 PM


Originally Posted by JoshSalas (Post 98799902)
Is this streaming anywhere?

Check their facebook

JoshSalas 12/02/11 05:35 PM


Originally Posted by Ryan Gardner (Post 98801352)
Check their facebook

Perfect, thanks.