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Jay Nainav 10/17/11 09:54 AM

Stream "We Did Alright" From Tim Armstrong's Punk Rock Musical Series
We've got the first full track from Tim Armstrong's noir-ish, campy new video series, Tim Timebomb's ROCKNROLL Theater. "We Did Alright" is led by Rancid's Lars Frederiksen (and part of it appears in the video series trailer). Listen in the replies, and visit PureVolume for a free download.

Jay Nainav 10/17/11 09:54 AM


irthesteve 10/17/11 10:06 AM

So is this something that is going to be released as a physical collection? A digital download? Free tracks weekly? I am in need of a full description of what's going on with this

irthesteve 10/17/11 10:06 AM

And this is a video series that features music? Is there a link to the first episode? I AM SO CONFUSED

Dre Okorley 10/17/11 10:11 AM


irthesteve 10/17/11 10:11 AM

I think I'll make a thread about this in the forms, reading up on it... it looks/sounds like a really cool thing

morville 10/17/11 10:16 AM

awesome song. can't wait for the premiere, October 21st

Deborah Remus 10/17/11 10:46 AM

I love Lars' voice, wish he sang a lot more on the last Rancid record.

GetUpAndrew 10/17/11 11:27 AM

Rock'N'Roll Theater >>>>> American Idiot musical

elz125 10/17/11 12:57 PM

Pure awesome.

mattyrocks 10/17/11 01:19 PM

that trailer for the show was excellent.