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Thomas Nassiff 10/18/11 06:57 AM

We Are the Song Stream
Check out a brand-new We Are the Union song called "If I Can't Smoke Or Swear, I'm Fucked" here. It comes off their digital-only Graveyard Grins EP, which is being released tomorrow on Paper + Plastick Records.

brandon_260 10/18/11 07:12 AM

Will the EP be on iTunes, or just the P+P webstore?

Thomas Nassiff 10/18/11 08:23 AM


Originally Posted by brandon_260 (Post 96609492)
Will the EP be on iTunes, or just the P+P webstore?


brandon_260 10/18/11 08:24 AM


Originally Posted by Thomas Nassiff (Post 96611642)


Avalanche1 10/18/11 08:39 AM

This song rules. Love these guys.

FaceOfBear 10/18/11 09:12 AM

Relevant. Song sounds like The Wonder Years with horns, as per usual. I dig it.

allthruwinter 10/18/11 09:24 AM

Yes, please. Been waiting for this.

JoeHalby 10/18/11 09:28 AM


Originally Posted by FaceOfBear (Post 96613272)


Beat me to it.

untitled94 10/18/11 10:08 AM

Song rules

PirateSkater182 10/18/11 10:11 AM

Holy yes, awesome.

hiya 10/18/11 10:15 AM

was wondering when we'd get new music form these guys, song is great!

irthesteve 10/18/11 10:49 AM


DearShithead 10/18/11 10:55 AM

They've still got it. Who's playing horns now?

drewcifer 10/18/11 11:34 AM

these dudes are so talented. that solo is ridiculous.

Jaytothesyg 10/18/11 11:38 AM

Hell yeah, Love surprise releases! Unless I just had no idea about this..either way song/band rules can't wait. Wish it was a 7" though!!