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algae 10/21/11 12:25 PM

Little Kid - Logic Songs
Little Kid - Logic Songs
Record Label: Self-released
Release Date: April 9, 2011

Little Kid is the moniker that a man-- not a kid-- named Kenny Boothby has been using to release music since 2009. Logic Songs is the album he's been recording for the past two years. It's a beautiful, delicate piece of folk music recorded using tape recorders. Usually this type of lo-fi music comes off as a bit pretentious but for some reason it doesn't feel so here.

Like previously stated, the album is basically a folk album a la Bright Eyes-- stripped down acoustic guitar accompanied by a shaky voice. The album adds ambience to keep things entertaining. For example, the first track, entitled "Train Behind My House", has the sound of train bells, a train passing and other train associated sounds. Nearly all of the sounds you hear are completely organic. Information about the recording process can be found on his bandcamp and it's quite interesting to see just how much effort was put into everything.

The entire album is about faith, as far as my interpretation goes, and I may be completely wrong. It's about trying to find out the truth. "We waited for a sign, something to change our mind." It kind of feels like a struggle between being a believer and a non-believer. At the end of the album, I didn't know whether he had given up faith or regained it, but perhaps he wanted the listener to feel the same confused feeling that he had during the writing of the songs.

Once or twice the vocals sound monotonous and lack any real dynamic. It's usually good, but there are a few tracks that have some room to improve. The album also has a constant hissing and there are tracks like "You Might Not Be Right" where the bass starts to overshadow the rest of the song and the low production value really start to show. But aside from that I have no complaints. It's a great debut and it's free, so go get it.

Recommended If You Like Conor Oberst, arrange, rainy days

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DJWildefire 10/30/11 02:10 PM

Yeah this is a solid album.