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Paul Tao 10/27/11 09:50 PM

Stream The Skrillex & Doors Collaboration
You can new stream the full collaboration between Skrillex and The Doors in the replies.

Paul Tao 10/27/11 09:50 PM

Jake Jenkins 10/27/11 09:59 PM

well....that sure was....something

armoireofdoom 10/27/11 10:08 PM

Nothing amazing. It felt a little awkward in some parts. I enjoy it but I expected more.

HometownHero 10/27/11 10:12 PM

Fuck no.

steve187 10/27/11 10:14 PM

how about no

Yontsey 10/27/11 10:17 PM

Seeing these two names together makes me sick...

ExtremeAvalanch 10/27/11 10:18 PM

What a debacle.

SoundwaveUproar 10/27/11 10:22 PM

would have been better without the vocals in a lot of places, but I kinda... don't hate it. I want to, but I don't

Chuck! 10/27/11 10:32 PM

Saying this is a collaboration with the Doors is like saying that working with Ringo is equivalent to working with the Beatles

BurymeWalkAway 10/27/11 10:36 PM

yea I couldnt listen to all of that...

Mikey18244 10/27/11 10:38 PM

Its cool backround while im doing work on the computerr

Yontsey 10/27/11 10:40 PM

I just listened to it. What the fuck was that??? Do people actually enjoy garbage like that?

notmrblond234 10/27/11 10:48 PM

Uh...That was terrible.

betweenvega 10/27/11 10:52 PM

I don't hear the doors on this...