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Clintoto 10/31/11 11:02 AM


Originally Posted by Travis Parno (Post 97236112)

YUSSS! I was beginning to wonder if I was listening to something totally different.

all time (joe) 10/31/11 11:30 AM

SOOOOO happy that he finally released a new album and that it's getting recognition.

billyboatkid 11/02/11 12:53 AM

Love love love it. All of it.

FromHereOnEvan 11/03/11 03:56 PM

My old band played with these guys a few years back. Absolutely staggering live, and some of the nicest dudes on tour. Gotta be sure to get this one at some point.

Bruycker 11/04/11 08:08 PM

I can't get over how good this album is. With the possibilities we have nowadays it's way too easy to download an album and write it off after just one listen. And when true quality comes along it still has the power to take over your playlist for weeks. And that's exactly what this album did for me. The atmosphere, the lyrics. At this moment I'll say that this is my favorite album of the year and it shouldn't go under the radar of people who really love honest, good music.