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Adam Pfleider 11/03/11 04:20 PM

Junior Vinyl
Junior Battles' Idle Ages limited Fest vinyl is available here.

Loyaltabk 11/03/11 04:49 PM

FUCKING LOVE this band and album.

Wish they were more well known

Alex DiVincenzo 11/03/11 05:01 PM

One of the best albums this year

prefix-core 11/03/11 05:04 PM

Incredibly solid release. Wish I had been able to check 'em out that weekend. Might need to snag a copy.

Hereformusic 11/03/11 05:29 PM

Thanks for the post! Been waiting for a reason to buy the physical.. and I love me some Junior Battles on vinyl.

phaynes1 11/03/11 07:38 PM

Bought. Im hemorrhaging money to labels.

The Revisionist 11/03/11 08:33 PM

Fuck yeah! I get paid tomorrow morning and will buy this... this is definitely in my top three for the year. SO GOOD.

oneeightytwo 11/04/11 01:41 AM

Going to try to pick this up if there's any left.

A really good record.