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Adam Pfleider 11/10/11 08:41 AM

Five and Alive: American Nightmare
I haven't done a Five and Alive in a while, so I wanted this one to be good. Considering the reunion and reaction to the American Nightmare (Give Up the Ghost) shows, I asked one of the men behind it, booking agent Matt Pike, to give me his five favorite American Nightmare songs. The reunion got me thinking about idols and elders and I wrote a piece here. When I received Pike's piece, it was after seeing a lot of hardcore vets and newcomers this weekend at Fun Fun Fun Fest, so I decided to write some more thoughts on the longevity of the hardcore scene itself. What I want you to discuss in the replies is this: It may not be American Nightmare, but what band would you travel across the country, across the sea, across enemy lines to see reunite? What songs would you want to hear live that you never got a chance to and why? Why are those songs important to you? Why are you going to be pushing people up against the barricade to get to the mic?

xMareenx 11/10/11 12:09 PM

I only can think of Osker. I'd travel across (my) country all the way to the States to sing "Motionless".

*Of course, a Minor Threat reunion would be surreal. Hehe.

*Ro' 11/10/11 01:45 PM

Crime In Stereo. Already flew over from France for their final show.

TRAILER 11/10/11 02:49 PM

all the bands i would pick are to old to get the experience i want out of them anymore. minor threat, the (original) misfits, black flag, etc.

caseymansfield 11/10/11 05:45 PM

Those teenage years were tough, American Nightmare made it easier.

DIRTYNOUVEAU 11/11/11 07:48 AM

I'd have to say Hopesfall. they were so damn influential. although I don't know if you would categorize them specifically as "hardcore."
the easy answer would be Refused, At The Drive-in.

my other one aside from Hopesfall, a little-known Long Island band called Dearly Departed. God. I would stab a man to go back in time and see them play from the "Believing In Ghosts" era.