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Ryan Gardner 11/12/11 11:35 PM

Staff Recommendations (11/13/11)
"And if I somehow could rest this soul, maybe control could find its way back to my life."
Staff RecommendationsRyan: Drake, Relient K, Mayday Parade, and Mansions
Keagan: Drake, Childish Gambino, ASAP Rocky
Kyle: Nothing but King Krule (aka Zoo Kid) on repeat.
Alex: Motion City Soundtrack / Trampled by Turtles split.
Christian: A Loss For Words, Hit The Lights
Blake: Seahaven and Johnny Foreigner
Sean: Collapse Under the Empire, The Fall of Troy, and Other Mountains

dhayes 11/12/11 11:49 PM

Sigur Ros- Inni
Childish Gambino- Camp

and Skyrim....so much Skyrim.

InfiniteArms 11/13/11 12:39 AM

5bugs -Vora City

Fiction Fight - I Am a Thief


RIYL: The Candle Thieves, Priory, Deas Vail, Scattered Trees

Genre: Alternative / Electronic / Pop

gjpinizz 11/13/11 12:49 AM

syntax omitted 11/13/11 12:51 AM

This is all.

AdamChildress 11/13/11 01:01 AM

boomerangslang 11/13/11 01:54 AM

My two favorite songs right now:

CastlesXClouds 11/13/11 02:02 AM

been listening to so much Drake on youtube. Pre ordered that bad boy. Love making music :)

mrnegativezero 11/13/11 02:09 AM

Pick up that physical copy.

OdourlessHobo 11/13/11 03:56 AM

Drake - Take Care
Childish Gambino - Camp
Gym Class Heroes - The Papercut Chronicles II

Spencer Control 11/13/11 07:16 AM

Kyle Huntington 11/13/11 07:31 AM

Formatfun 11/13/11 08:20 AM

Childish Gambino - Camp.

That is all.

Thedalylife 11/13/11 08:26 AM

Death Cab For Cutie - Narrow Stairs

blinkme 11/13/11 09:45 AM