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Thomas Nassiff 11/16/11 10:51 AM

Amely EP Stream
Amely's final EP, The Raleigh Sessions, will officially be released next week before they disband. It can now be streamed in full here.

_thisisme* 11/16/11 11:30 AM

Has a poppier Anberlin vibe to it. Kinda dig this actually!

cherrycokewhore 11/16/11 11:55 AM

Not bad, Amely. I'll get it.

theonethingihav 11/16/11 02:00 PM

Its still sad to see them go.

LessThan3 11/16/11 06:34 PM

Gosh this was a pretty cool band. Hate to see them go..

kevinjordan 11/16/11 08:42 PM

Baffled as to why they called it quits so soon..