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Jason Tate 11/16/11 11:07 AM

Surprise Something Corporate Appearance
Something Corporate made a surprise appearance during the 2nd Annual Dear Jack Foundation Concert at the El Rey Theatre on Friday, November 11th. The band came out for a surprise encore where the group played "Konstantine" and "Hurricane."

TheRealJohnOC 11/16/11 11:08 AM

Oh shit!

3GunGaz 11/16/11 11:08 AM

Incredible... I wish I was there.

keepthechange11 11/16/11 11:10 AM

Soco <3

ACA 11/16/11 11:15 AM

Glad I caught them on their recent headliner.

JM > Soco, but both are top-notch. Stoked to see JM upcoming.

Posthardcore 11/16/11 11:15 AM


irthesteve 11/16/11 11:15 AM

and helped out with the last song, "La La Lie"

Posthardcore 11/16/11 11:15 AM

I want to see SoCo so bad

njdevils327 11/16/11 11:15 AM

wow that wouldve been incredible

tyler2tall147 11/16/11 11:17 AM

I was kind of suprised when they weren't billed on this when it was announced. Seemed like this annual Dear Jack show would be a thing where soco and JM would both play every year.

Rob McWilliams 11/16/11 11:41 AM


PetitnaindesĪles 11/16/11 11:50 AM

ellie117 11/16/11 11:56 AM

^ lol.

starjamgirl 11/16/11 12:04 PM

:( I wanna see SoCo

knash9 11/16/11 12:14 PM

I love that picture.