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Jason Tate 11/16/11 12:17 PM

Coheed and Cambria Reunite with Drummer Josh Eppard
Coheed and Cambria officially reunite with drummer Josh Eppard and head into the studio for their sixth album. Check out their website for a video of Eppard playing the intro to "Everything Evil."

Update: Eppard has also left Terrible Things.

Submitted by downwithgravity

Keagan Ilvonen 11/16/11 12:19 PM

Maybe the new album won't suck?

abusedcat 11/16/11 12:20 PM

Fuck yes. I feel pretty bad for Fred, though.

Alex DiVincenzo 11/16/11 12:21 PM

Awesome, but I hope he keeps going with Terrible Things.

jvg4444 11/16/11 12:22 PM

Welcome back, Josh! Can't wait to see what kind of direction they take with this album.

onsundayshoes 11/16/11 12:24 PM

FYI: thats not them working on a new tune, its the intro drum beat to everything evil.

hiya 11/16/11 12:26 PM

not into Coheed anymore, wonder what this means for Terrible Things.

CoheedForever 11/16/11 12:31 PM

Soo happy right now!!

irthesteve 11/16/11 12:31 PM

Awesome news, always excited to hear what's next from these dudes

AMackChuck 11/16/11 12:33 PM

This is huge to me. Coheed was my favorite band since 14, but with the style changes they kind of faded. Don't get me wrong I still love each and every album for what it is, and even if this new one isn't sstb part two, the addition of josh is going to be awesome

anthonydarko 11/16/11 12:36 PM

Very nice

dearmsterri 11/16/11 12:38 PM


Loved Josh.

Rob McWilliams 11/16/11 12:38 PM

Saw that coming.

PetitnaindesĪles 11/16/11 12:38 PM


Originally Posted by hiya (Post 98048442)
not into Coheed anymore, wonder what this means for Terrible Things.

Terrible Things and The Colour Fred are basically the same thing now

Seth Robinson 11/16/11 12:42 PM