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Drew Beringer 11/22/11 10:33 AM

TWY Come Out Swinging in New Video
You can check out The Wonder Years' new music video for "Came Out Swinging" in the replies.

Drew Beringer 11/22/11 10:33 AM

chiefjordo 11/22/11 10:34 AM

I like this song.

Charlesieiy 11/22/11 10:37 AM

Awesome video, awesome song.

Drew Beringer 11/22/11 10:38 AM

haha I laughed so hard in the beginning when that little girl decked the man roller skating.

Alex DiVincenzo 11/22/11 10:39 AM

Another winner

incognitojones 11/22/11 10:45 AM

Why you gotta fuck up those people's day little ghost girl?

Gavs 11/22/11 10:46 AM

awesome video

Keagan Ilvonen 11/22/11 10:47 AM

Hell yes.

MikeYabs 11/22/11 10:48 AM

Awesome video. Love it.

phaynes1 11/22/11 10:50 AM

Pretty awesome video hahah

tuneouttunein37 11/22/11 10:51 AM

really dug it

drewcifer 11/22/11 10:52 AM

great video, way better than melrose diner.

Holly HoX! 11/22/11 10:53 AM

Song's pretty decent

kevinjordan 11/22/11 10:53 AM

I didn't get why she was dressed up as a ghost until two minutes in -_-