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After Hours 07/17/07 12:16 PM

I'm glad to hear from them!

White Noise 07/17/07 12:24 PM

i don't think that this album will be as good as there first two.

just-in. 07/17/07 12:28 PM

They're playing a "Hometown Takeover Show" here in St.Louis with some of the more popular local bands from around here on August 3rd @ The Pageant, hopefully they'll play some new material, I'm interested to see if they keep on writing heavy, powerful stuff, or if they're going to make any drastic changes in sound that a lot of people are doing lately

Finch076 07/17/07 01:11 PM

until the day i die, i will not listen to you.

cory-182 07/17/07 01:35 PM

I haven't heard anything from these guys in quite some time.

postscript 07/17/07 01:54 PM

big blue monkey was better :shrug:

swiminwater 07/17/07 02:22 PM

haha its not steve evetts

delvec19 07/17/07 02:22 PM

Yeah i also enjoyed their second cd. Theyre a pretty underrated band overall.

lftcoastenvy05 07/17/07 02:39 PM


Originally Posted by SingleDoubt (Post 7121802)
these guys are SOOOOOO 2002

then again, 2002 was a good year...

chrisstahl 07/17/07 02:58 PM

yeah i kinda grew out of them too. whenever they come on shuffle in my itunes or on my ipod i skip it for some reason

oldskool 07/17/07 03:16 PM

I just hope they make some really killer powerful songs in vein of "is this my fate he asked them" That song is soo sooo good, and after hearing that and some of the other songs on "in the wake" I know they have it in them to write really good songs!! also, when they do another headlining tour they better not dog portland,or again!!!!!

Buckwald 07/17/07 03:54 PM


Originally Posted by postscript (Post 7123571)
big blue monkey was better :shrug:

meh, while i liked big blue monkey a lot, i liky soty better.

lost13hope 07/17/07 04:09 PM


Originally Posted by Bury Your Head (Post 7122484)
Your a moron. The last cd was wonderful. Good instramentals,great hardcore inspired vocals with mostly a posi core theme in the lyrics.

I hope they continue the same direction if they hooked up with machine I would wet myself


page avenue was good. did anyone even listen to there second cd? if you did your dumb

sunn23 07/17/07 04:30 PM

i loved the last record, but page avenue still imo is their best effort.

giovanni_c 07/17/07 06:29 PM


Originally Posted by brokenwings (Post 7121617)
hopefully they can finally successfully combine their ability to write incredible pop songs with still being heavy. i really enjoyed page avenue, but thought it could have used some better production and more variety. and i never really loved their last one. i'd love to see brian mcternan produce the new one

Yeah, that would be the best combination - partly why I like Rise Against so much. I hope they increase the pop sensibilities of Page Avenue while maintaining that hardcore style.