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Thomas Nassiff 11/29/11 09:59 AM

ABSOLUTExclusive: Future Ghosts Video Premier
Today we're debuting the music video for "Spotless" by Future Ghosts. Head to the replies to check out the video.

Thomas Nassiff 11/29/11 09:59 AM

Jared_Valise 11/29/11 11:00 AM

This is a really good song.

futureghosts 11/29/11 11:17 AM

Thanks so much to you guys for doing this! Your help really means a lot.

combatbaby 11/29/11 11:34 AM

Great song! Great people!

Johnny Minardi 11/29/11 12:10 PM

I love this band name. Great song/video as well!

Alex DiVincenzo 11/29/11 12:12 PM

Diggin' it

flyingmonkey711 11/29/11 12:41 PM

These boys are legit... Rep them hard...

bryanpholman 11/29/11 01:27 PM

Great video! I love the change from performing to the world to back to viewer...

Thomas Nassiff 11/29/11 02:58 PM

It's a real catchy tune.

Jamos4184 11/29/11 03:05 PM

Great video, good guys

randomrocker113 11/29/11 03:17 PM

hell yeah Future Ghosts!!! NC represent!!! Awesome Awesome Awesome

AndrewCloer 11/29/11 04:26 PM

These guys are awesome. I had the privilege to see them play with Emery in Greensboro earlier this year. They deserve any exposure they can get.

roundkidrecords 11/29/11 04:29 PM

FYI Ernie Gilbert shot and directed the video in case anyone was wondering

saintnumberfive 11/29/11 04:32 PM


Originally Posted by futureghosts (Post 98598392)
Thanks so much to you guys for doing this! Your help really means a lot.