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Adam Pfleider 11/30/11 08:29 AM

The Felix Vinyl
You can now pre-order The Felix Culpa's Commitment on vinyl here.

youthconspiracy 11/30/11 09:02 AM

...aaaaand pledged.

kemichels 11/30/11 09:09 AM

Such a wonderful album. If you've heard Sever Your Roots, but you haven't heard their earlier stuff, such as this or Thought Control, please do yourself a favor and check it out.

adurna_isidar 11/30/11 11:34 AM


StepsInADance 12/01/11 06:33 AM

This is definitely something I'd spend money on.

larry hardman 12/01/11 10:51 AM

interesting site, hope this gets to 100 people.

Hundo 12/01/11 02:22 PM

Thanks so much for posting this! We're really excited about making this record. All the help and coverage is greatly appreciated.

You guys are the best!

phaynes1 12/10/11 07:09 PM

Please buy this guys!