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Thomas Nassiff 12/02/11 12:10 PM

Young Statues - Young Statues
Young Statues - Young Statues
Release Date: November 8, 2011
Record Label: Run for Cover

Entering the belly of the pop-rock beast as a new artist can be an overwhelming task. In a genre so saturated, where it seems like everything has been done – then repeated, then ripped off and done again to an infinite degree – how does a new group separate itself from the pack? Among a record label with a roster as talented as Run For Cover’s, how does a new songwriter match up?

If anyone is looking for the answers to these questions, Carmen Cirignano might not be a bad guy to ask. Then again, he might not even know – Cirignano, the songwriter and vocalist behind Young Statues, originally wrote the songs on his band’s debut LP without an intention of ever presenting them to the public. With a soundscape that combines influences of Dashboard Confessional, Death Cab for Cutie, Relient K and so many things in between, it’s a good thing Young Statues was released.

“Spacism” takes an airy, swelling guitar line and Cirignano’s youthful, steady vocals to make an irresistible opener. Matters turn more intimate and introspective when Cirignano gets into things: “I won’t be another person’s shoulder / You need somebody? / Call on a friend.” The chorus is a catchy one that burdens listeners with the need to hear more – just how an opener should operate.

“Spacism” is actually a pretty solid sign of what comes on the other 10 songs on Young Statues – ranging from calm, indie-rock verses to smart, catchy pop-rock choruses, Young Statues actually succeeds in crafting a niche for its sound. Slower tracks like “Half Light” are accompanied by musicianship that is nothing short of stellar, while faster paced songs, like “Young Statues,” are where Cirignano’s voice shines most.

“Pretty Girls Make Raves” is a certain album standout, as a jaunty rhythm lends itself nicely to the guitar work and the tight musicianship between Tom Ryan, Steve Poponi, Daniel Bogan and Matt Weber. Perhaps the most surprising part of Young Statues is its depth – something that comes through marvelously on the last two songs. Specifically, the musicianship is surprisingly matured for a group of friends that never really intended this project to go anywhere.

If this is just the first sign of life we’re seeing from Cirignano and Co., we’re going to have to pay close attention to them in the near future. This is the type of band – and Cirignano is the type of frontman – that could really come into their own in a short time. There’s no reason Young Statues can’t pen introspective, sing-to-yourself-with-headphones-on-when-no-one’s-home lyrics for many years to come, and there’s no reason Cirignano can’t develop into a very Chris Carabba-esque frontman.


Recommended If You LikeThe musical middle ground between Death Cab for Cutie, Dashboard Confessional and Relient K.
Bare Essentials01. Spacism
02. Athens
03. Half Light
04. Bumble Bee
05. Losing a Friend
06. Young Statues
07. We Trusted Everything Enough
08. Keep it Dark
09. Pretty Girls Make Raves
10. Your Seasons Stay the Same
11. Meet Me at the Hudson

Rob McWilliams 12/02/11 12:18 PM

The RIYL interests me. I might check it out.

Dre Okorley 12/02/11 12:19 PM

Love this album, it's in my top 10.

Theow593 12/02/11 12:25 PM

Saw these guys in New Jersey, they were incredible!

JohnR 12/02/11 12:48 PM

Love it. One of my top albums this year!

Yogey 12/02/11 12:48 PM

it sounds more than band of horses/ the shins than relient k (for me). Great record

JosephMarro 12/02/11 12:53 PM

in my top 10 too! i absolutely adore this record (and not just because i manage the band).

Jaytothesyg 12/02/11 12:54 PM

Love this album so much. For me its this years "Would It Kill You" I can't wait to see some of these songs live, Hopefully an awesome tour arises next year

Alex DiVincenzo 12/02/11 01:01 PM

I dig it

uglystar03 12/02/11 01:12 PM

I definitely dig this album, but I'm pretty sure I prefer his old band, Makeout Party. Either way, this is a solid album.

ellie117 12/02/11 01:16 PM

This is definitely one of my favorites of 2011.

gr33ndayfr3ak 12/02/11 01:31 PM

This is all I've been able to listen to lately. Great review, not sure about the RIYL though. I do hear some Death Cab and Dashboard, but the Relient K might be a stretch.

Rodeo 12/02/11 01:33 PM

Yeah, definitely need to check this out.

Thomas Nassiff 12/02/11 01:55 PM

I put in the Relient K because of the poppier aspects, I think it comes out in "Pretty Girls Make Raves" most.

Blake Solomon 12/02/11 01:59 PM

i started listening to this the other day, but got distracted. I'll have to give it another shot. It certainly sounds like it's in line with my current tastes.