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Christian Wagner 12/02/11 02:14 PM

ABSOLUTExclusive: The Maine
After taking the major label route on their last record, The Maine have gone DIY to release their highly anticipated third full-length next Tuesday. Pioneer will come out on their own label: Action Theory Records. Today, we're streaming a track called "While Listening To Rock & Roll," which encompasses The Maine's trademark Americana-tinged pop-rock. You can listen to it on the band's AP.net profile.

Mikey18244 12/02/11 02:21 PM

Returned to their roots? this sounds nothing like they started out as,i mean its not bad but i miss the older The Maine songs, Those jumpy summer vibes.

pinkdressinpari 12/02/11 02:21 PM

:thumbup: :music:

heartinlondon 12/02/11 02:22 PM


deathcabforamy 12/02/11 02:23 PM

first listen and already jumped up my list of fave tracks of 2011 :jayz: :overhead:

Luvjackandsally 12/02/11 02:35 PM

Awesome song! Can't wait for the new album! :popcorn: :dance:

Pop-Punk-News 12/02/11 02:36 PM

This sounds great! I can't wait for the new album to come out! They are getting so amazing, and they started great already! I think this song is already in my top 10.


Kdenisarealboy 12/02/11 02:37 PM

Awesome, stoked for this album so much. Best time to release it as well, the holiday season just makes this much better.:drew:

nofx555 12/02/11 02:39 PM

:seranade: I wish this band would serenade me!!

Br&NewFan5 12/02/11 03:15 PM

The Maine is mainly awesome, clearly. Love when a band's sound evolves.

MarquisInSpades 12/02/11 03:27 PM

Sounds like Hanson, and that's a compliment. Dudes are talented.

fna4 12/02/11 03:29 PM

The Maine's trademarked Americana tinged pop rock? Really? Band is a joke.

emmx8D 12/02/11 03:30 PM

Pleased to see so many positive comments toward these guys recently :) I dig it, the piano sorta reminds me of the roots from Ivory. I don't think I'm liking John's accent though, sounds kinda forced in parts.. more than usual

RHCP43 12/02/11 03:37 PM

Soooooo boring. What happened to The Way We Talk days?

providence36 12/02/11 03:42 PM

I just got through listening to the album for the first time. Better than Black & White but still carries the same sound from that album. This is definitely one of the best songs on the record in my opinion. Safe to say at this point that they wont be going back to CSWS, but they're getting better at this alt-rock thing theyre going for.