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Christian Wagner 12/02/11 03:13 PM

Young Statues Merch Sale
Young Statues is having a merch sale.

cutmeupagain 12/02/11 03:18 PM

Nice! Gettin that Vinyl

PirateSkater182 12/02/11 04:05 PM

These guys are really good. Just might have to pick something up.

ellie117 12/02/11 04:36 PM

Album is so good. Don't pass this up.

bobsheiskawy 12/02/11 05:10 PM

will consider getting that record, or at least asking for christmas. album's pretty decent.

Coverbydesign 12/02/11 06:19 PM

I wish I had 6 bucks just for the cassette tape

brandon_260 12/02/11 10:44 PM

Been into cassettes, as a collectors item lately. Might pick it up.

mattpuch21 12/03/11 02:37 PM

Just try to catch them at a show. I saw them at the TEN reunion last weekend and they were selling cds for 5 and shirts for 10.

EvilZeppelin 12/04/11 08:25 PM

What's this band like?