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Drew Beringer 07/22/07 09:03 PM

Hidden In Plain View - Resolution
Hidden In Plain ViewResolution
Release Date: July 24, 2007
Record Label: Drive Thru

Everyone has heard the old saying of “The good die young.” In the case of Hidden In Plain View, that phrase fits rather nicely. After showing much promise with their Drive Thru Records debut EP in 2003 and debut full length, Life In Dreaming, in 2004, the band decided to call it quits in early 2007, in the midst of recording their second, and now final, album.

This album, aptly named Resolution, was produced by Brian McTernan (Circa Survive, Thrice, The Movielife), and flows with a fast pace full of anxiety. This is evident in the album opener, “Bendy,” which may be one of the best songs the band has ever written. It’s a fast, emotionally-charged album that uses the duel vocals of Rob Freeman and Joe Reo. “I Don’t Want To Hear” is extremely peppy and features nice drumming from Spencer Peterson.

The guitar work between Freeman and Mike Saffert is on point, as it paces “Heavy Breathing.” “Walk Harbor City” is one of the harder songs on the album, as it carries a different tone not heard on the previous songs so far.

Resolution is an unrelenting album for the most part; when you think you can stop and catch your breath, they hit you in the throat almost immediately, as heard on “Circles.” Although “Our Time” and “Off My Shoulders” are two of the slower tracks but both feature more of a progressive side and weaving guitars.

Preluded by the Circa Survive-like “Interlude,” “Something Needs To Change” sounds like a train roaring off the tracks. It’s a swift kick in the ass following the previous two tracks and one of my favorites on the album. The weakest track on the album comes in the form of “The Lake House,” which tries to follow the formula first seen on “Twenty Below,” but falls short of the impact that song had.

The album closes with “Hear Me Out,” a song that features HIPV’s complete bag of tricks: sharp guitar riffs, harmonious duel vocals, breakneck drumming, and group vocals. It’s probably the best way HIPV could’ve closed out their final album, as the guitars barely linger on, leaving you to take in the final work of Hidden In Plain View.

The most tragic thing is not that this is Hidden In Plain View’s final album, rather it’s the fact that the band broke up before hitting their full potential. There are instances on Resolution that gives us glimpses of what the band was capable of doing (“Bendy,” “Something Needs To Change”), but there are a few pitfalls scattered throughout, most notably “The Lake House.” Another nuisance was the fact that the impact of the duel vocals between Reo and Freeman is lacking compared to what they did on Life In Dreaming. This could be due to the fact that Freeman took the majority of the vocals. The lyrics are also particularly weaker than what was penned on Dreaming. But musically, Resolution surpasses Dreaming. In the end, it sucks that Hidden In Plain View are calling it quits, but thankfully they didn’t half-ass their final album, and Resolution will be an album that HIPV fans will undoubtedly love.

Additional InformationTrack Listing:
1. Bendy
2. I Don't Wanna Hear It
3. Like An Ocean
4. Heavy Breathing
5. Walk Harbor City
6. Circles
7. Our Time
8. Off My Shoulders
9. Interlude
10. Something Needs To Change
11. The Lake House
12. Hear Me Out
Produced by: Brain McTernan

Hidden In Plain View are:
Joe Reo – vocals
Rob Freeman – guitar, vocals
Mike Saffert – guitar
Chris Amato – bass
Spencer Peterson – drums

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XBurnedDesireX 07/22/07 09:14 PM

cant wait to get my hands on this.
still remember when i bought their self-titled e.p. and how much i fell in love with the band after seeing them live...
they will be missed

Loch_Doun 07/22/07 09:29 PM

I love The Lake House. The best thing about this cd compared to the last is that Rob sings more than Joe. Rob's vocals are definitely in my top 10 vocalists.

jantelis 07/22/07 09:45 PM

Sweet band and album and nice review dude!

Scott Irvine 07/22/07 10:13 PM

Your paragraphs are so small, Drew. Haha.

Drew Beringer 07/22/07 11:27 PM


Originally Posted by Scott Irvine (Post 7167342)
Your paragraphs are so small, Drew. Haha.

haha I know. People always complained about them being too long, so I just cut them down. They usually aren't this small, it's just how I wrote this particular review I guess.

danceparty33 07/23/07 12:34 AM

really good album.

4N6 science 07/23/07 07:55 AM

can't wait till tomorrow to pick this up.. i've seen them live a couple of time and they were great...sucks they couldn't work things out..

myworstmistakes 07/23/07 08:38 AM

yay! this review makes up for all the people saying the album is a let down. i'm so excited for tomorrow to hear this.

matt_rawlings 07/23/07 08:46 AM

Very sub par album. Really let me down

frisomic21 07/23/07 08:52 AM

I already enjoy this album a lot. I have to disagree with you about The Lake House though. It's a great song and full of emotion in my opinion. Especially if you go watch that video HIPV put up awhile ago with rob just playing the song acoustic.

baton 07/23/07 09:02 AM

i only heard bendy and the lake house and both are great, can't wait to hear the rest tomorrow - i was excited about the lake house since i heard rob playing it acoustic on the video posted on YT, i was glad that it made on the album, it's pretty great,.. i'm assuming that's not a bad thing that the rest is supposed to be even better

Steve Henderson 07/23/07 09:03 AM


Originally Posted by Scott Irvine (Post 7167342)
Your paragraphs are so small, Drew. Haha.

You know what they say about guys with small paragraphs...

Johnny Minardi 07/23/07 09:22 AM


brandnew21g 07/23/07 09:26 AM


Originally Posted by Steve Henderson (Post 7169681)
You know what they say about guys with small paragraphs...

small sentences !