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Joe DeAndrea 12/07/11 08:04 AM

Say Anything Single Clip
Say Anything will release their new single, "Burn a Miracle," on December 20th. Listen to a clip here.

Epilogueboy 12/07/11 08:07 AM

Sounds like Say Anything. I love it.

tstick18 12/07/11 08:12 AM

Alex DiVincenzo 12/07/11 08:13 AM

Excited to hear more

_><_ 12/07/11 08:16 AM

Can't wait for this. Probably my most anticipated record of 2012.

Auals 12/07/11 08:17 AM


THIS is what I expect from Say Anything... hot damn that's the most satisfying clip...

sammyboy516 12/07/11 08:17 AM

I literally walked out of class to listen to this. So good.

Jack Appleby 12/07/11 08:18 AM


Originally Posted by Epilogueboy (Post 99041662)
Sounds like Say Anything. I love it.

Pretty much this. Basically anything Bemis touches is gold.

yayitsjoe 12/07/11 08:21 AM

i need more.

dylanandtea 12/07/11 08:23 AM

wow. so damn excited. I wasn't expecting hear stuff so soon.
very pleasant surprise to wake up to.
that sounds like so fucking good say anything greatness.

MikeYabs 12/07/11 08:24 AM

I shouldn't have listened. Now I want the whole song. Waiting 2 more weeks is unacceptable.

schmohawk 12/07/11 08:26 AM

didn't do anything for me. but who knows, maybe the full song is better

bobcatbob18 12/07/11 08:26 AM

Single drops in December sooooooo... album in February? Hopefully sooner!

thesinkingship 12/07/11 08:27 AM



SincerelyMe 12/07/11 08:28 AM

I like this a lot more than I thought I would.