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Alex DiVincenzo 12/08/11 12:02 PM

Forever Came Calling, You Bastards
Head to the replies to watch Forever Came Calling play an acoustic cover of Blink-182's "Happy Holidays, You Bastards."

Alex DiVincenzo 12/08/11 12:03 PM

honestykills 12/08/11 12:12 PM

.. must be a slow news day.

although i did enjoy the old school morphing green ranger at the end. those things were boss.

brandon_260 12/08/11 12:14 PM

Great band.

Playsw/Squirels 12/08/11 12:15 PM

1:06 was the best part. It's Morphin' Time.

But in regards to the song wasnt bad. Wouldve been better if the other guy had the voice to sing that up an octave and louder.

JoeFCC 12/08/11 12:37 PM

We did this on the fly super last minute. It's for a great cause called The Manilow Music Foundation. This is going to be apart of a comp with all money going to the aforementioned foundation. For more info on what this is about check out.


This was fun and nerdy..pretty much us.

kliam 12/08/11 12:43 PM

Awesome band, love the split with Handguns, sick cover. Keep on keeping on

Jaytothesyg 12/08/11 01:04 PM

Awesome! This band rules

lukew29 12/08/11 01:19 PM

Good job dudes. Fun cover for a good
Cause, doesn't get much better.

NorthstarPark 12/08/11 01:31 PM

Damn this song is popular today, first All Time Low and now this.

t3hmilkman923 12/08/11 01:38 PM

lmfao this is high-larious

MyFriendsOver 12/08/11 03:25 PM


Originally Posted by NorthstarPark (Post 99117632)
Damn this song is popular today, first All Time Low and now this.

Very well done.

punchlinekid182 12/08/11 05:20 PM

ejaculate into a sock never sounded so sweet

saddr weirdr 12/12/11 11:52 PM

This band rules.