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Alex DiVincenzo 12/12/11 10:07 AM

ABSOLUTExclusive: Align in Time
I previously told you about Align in Time (then known as My & My Arrow) in an unsigned spotlight feature. His debut album, Me & My Arrow, is the result of six years of writing and will be released tomorrow, but you can stream the gorgeous post-rock instrumentals now on his AP.net profile. In case you need any further convincing, read Sean's review, in which he calls it the album of the year. Pre-order the album here.

crotheian 12/12/11 11:31 AM

Really fantastic album. Looking forward to getting this tomorrow.

Steve Alcala 12/12/11 11:42 AM

Awesome! Finally!

aliceintrees 12/12/11 12:19 PM


Rob McWilliams 12/12/11 12:50 PM

Unsigned spotlight link is fucked up.

chooit 12/12/11 01:08 PM

I don't even have to listen to it to know this is going to be sick.

bryanpholman 12/12/11 02:31 PM

Liking the album...drums sound triggered tho...perhaps I'm just picky.

Pawan1993 12/14/11 03:58 AM

Why isn't the music player loading for me :S

Me & My Arrow 12/14/11 10:40 AM


Originally Posted by Pawan1993 (Post 99419362)
Why isn't the music player loading for me :S

The whole album is up now on Bandcamp. Thanks for listening!