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Jason Tate 12/12/11 11:40 AM

Blink 182 "Almost Acoustic Christmas" (Full Set - Video)
You can check out the entire set from blink-182's performance at KROQ's "Almost Acoustic Christmas" in the replies.

Jason Tate 12/12/11 11:40 AM

Tim McCall 12/12/11 11:41 AM

Nice, I had no idea they were even playing this year.

Jason, did you get my e-mail?

Crackbaby 12/12/11 11:47 AM

They played I won't be home for Christmas. Fuck yeah.

HarryPotter 12/12/11 11:51 AM

Really? I Wont Be Home For Christmas? Awesome!

bgeez120 12/12/11 11:51 AM

HarryPotter 12/12/11 11:54 AM

nevermind. i'll probably get a seizure with all that different camera views.

JustAHomeBoy 12/12/11 12:06 PM

MUCH better than the "Live in Vegas" video they put out. I can't believe they played I Won't Be Home For Christmas too!

Phil507 12/12/11 12:08 PM

Band is still sloppy as fuck live. Can anyone confirm or deny that they edited parts of The Mark, Tom and Travis show when it was released?

Also reminds me of seeing Green Day blow Blink 182 off the stage nearly a decade ago on the pop punk disaster tour.

asthenia* 12/12/11 12:10 PM


Originally Posted by bgeez120 (Post 99314942)

this mixed with i won't be coming for christmas pretty much was the highlight of my video viewing experience

Nolessthanblink 12/12/11 12:10 PM

I wish they'd cut some of the older radio hits (WMAA, ATSMT), simply because I doubt anyone that goes to their shows any more really cares for those songs. I've been a die-hard Blink fan since '98 and I skipped both of those songs, and generally do. The only people that could still find those songs relevant are those that only listen to Blink on the radio, and I doubt those songs are going to cause any of those fans to get a ticket to their shows any more. Think it's safe to say the real fans would prefer deeper album cuts rather than those two songs at this point.

Paris1nFlames 12/12/11 12:11 PM

they recorded ALOT of the parts... the only person who didn't have to re-record anything was travis

HarryPotter 12/12/11 12:19 PM

26:50-27:00 was the best I've heard Tom sing...EVER

Zulufu 12/12/11 12:21 PM

can someone post the set list while i am at work? cant watch till later

Nolessthanblink 12/12/11 12:40 PM


Originally Posted by Zulufu (Post 99317702)
can someone post the set list while i am at work? cant watch till later

1. Feeling This
2. Up All Night
3. Happy Holidays, You Bastard
4. The Rock Show
5. What's My Age Again?
6. I Miss You
7. Wishing Well
8. Dumpweed
9. After Midnight
10. First Date
11. Heart's All Gone
12. I Won't Be Home For Christmas
13. All The Small Things
14. Josie
15. Dammit
16. Family Reunion