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Alex DiVincenzo 12/13/11 08:28 AM

Affiance Release Music Video
Affiance's music video for "Nostra Culpa" can be seen in the replies.

Alex DiVincenzo 12/13/11 08:28 AM

B.Leibo 12/13/11 08:51 AM

Probably my favorite album of last year, nothing will beat the epicness of "Call to the Warrior" but this is good too.

subplotofcrows 12/13/11 08:58 AM

Hey, this video was shot at Peabody's.These guys are pretty good, and I love the singer's Cleveland shirt.

circletheworld 12/13/11 09:21 AM

"dude it would look so cool if you sprayed water right as the song hits in the beginning"

SourStuff 12/13/11 09:23 AM

Really like these guys. I wish I could see'em live soon.

Stouffs 12/13/11 11:33 AM

I was all over this post, oh well still a good video/song.

Sinkytown 12/14/11 07:12 AM

Are these guys like, the Bad Religion of christcore?

adurna_isidar 12/14/11 11:28 AM

Loved the video for Call To The Warrior