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Dan CiTi 12/14/11 11:45 AM

Bob Dylan covers, like most singer/songwriter song covers are rarely good, let alone interesting. But Ke$ha is fine here.

Rob McWilliams 12/14/11 11:45 AM

This thread was golden

honestykills 12/14/11 12:29 PM


Originally Posted by White (Post 99430272)
Mkay, so, to recap:

Halfway decent cover performed by someone everyone hates = pure, unadulterated garbage


Thread featuring handfuls upon handfuls upon handfuls of all the exact same gifs and images that occupy most message boards in the universe = thread of the year


mrgenious 12/14/11 01:35 PM

the_mango 12/14/11 02:28 PM


Originally Posted by Badgers08 (Post 99403152)


audreyLHR 12/14/11 03:00 PM

RyanSheff 12/14/11 05:29 PM


Originally Posted by jay_klinkhammer (Post 99428792)
First one to give me a full on uncontrollable laugh. Yes!

My life's goal is now fulfilled.
At least, for this thread....

RyanSheff 12/14/11 05:34 PM

'Nuff said.

trappedintime 12/14/11 09:15 PM


Originally Posted by Gaugzilla (Post 99377152)

Best one. LOLOLOL

ekarddivad 12/15/11 03:38 AM


Originally Posted by wall e (Post 99383032)


3GunGaz 12/17/11 06:33 AM

I find it strange that people get upset about things like this...

seimagery 12/17/11 10:05 AM

I'll bet you if this was labeled any other remotely respectable artist you'd react differently. It was alright. Just alright.

Corey Hoffy 12/17/11 10:33 AM

Is it just me or does she sound like she's shitfaced? I could barely make out a single lyric. Fuck this.

Oh, and...

pj4353 12/17/11 11:11 AM

benlong 12/17/11 11:27 AM

not a huge fan of this...mostly because i like bob dylan singing to real instruments, instead of a pop singer singing over a pad...decent sound quality and well produced i guess...just not a fan