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Manufactured Dreams 12/13/11 12:22 PM


Originally Posted by Star Slight (Post 99375572)
that was pretty good

This. I doubt anyone else even listened though.

donwagenblast 12/13/11 12:22 PM

in before the Steve Carrel "NO GOD NO" gif.

Rob McWilliams 12/13/11 12:24 PM

WhoSaidThat? 12/13/11 12:25 PM

Jason Tate 12/13/11 12:25 PM

Enjoying Ke$ha is like saying you're not upset about the herpes. We know you're lying.

neo506 12/13/11 12:26 PM

I made it exactly 8 seconds

Rob McWilliams 12/13/11 12:26 PM

Jason Tate with his on-point analogies hahaha

Rob McWilliams 12/13/11 12:28 PM

Manufactured Dreams 12/13/11 12:28 PM

I genuinely enjoy Ke$ha. No shame in my game.

lp670sv 12/13/11 12:30 PM

Bookmarking this thread, it's already delivered.

Rob McWilliams 12/13/11 12:31 PM

Jason Tate 12/13/11 12:32 PM


Originally Posted by RepliesWithGifs (Post 99376722)

Your name is fitting.

luvsickcatalyst 12/13/11 12:32 PM

Heard this the other day. Cool that she's trying to be a more serious artist, but not so great that she thinks "maturity" is recording yourself sob-singing a Bob Dylan song on Garageband.

EDIT: Oh...wow, everyone responded with gifs and I didn't even notice. Okay.

Manufactured Dreams 12/13/11 12:33 PM


Originally Posted by Star Slight (Post 99376702)
I don't, but that didn't sound like Kesha

Yeah it didn't. But not saying she's my favorite or anything but I'm not at all bothered by her and if I'm out (and sipping on something) and one of her songs comes on I dance.

ylightflight 12/13/11 12:34 PM

Her new album is suppose to be more of a rock album than a pop one. I think she has genuine talent, people just don't see it because she used auto tune on her first two albums.