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Jason Tate 12/13/11 12:45 PM

New Attack! Attack! Song Released
I may have held off on some of the other posts this morning if I knew this was coming. A new Attack Attack! song can be heard in the replies, the video announces the new album This Means War will be out on January 17th. And are those cadaver penises in the album artwork?

Submitted by cowlord

Jason Tate 12/13/11 12:45 PM

Rob McWilliams 12/13/11 12:47 PM

Well Fuck

All The Good Gifs Are Used Up

NorthstarPark 12/13/11 12:50 PM

Sounds like Nu-Metal.

Dustin Harkins 12/13/11 12:51 PM

Back to the Ke$ha thread, will check this later.

Psib 12/13/11 12:52 PM

Not gonna lie, i like attack attack, its guilty pleasure music. But this genre is killing itself with crap

Manufactured Dreams 12/13/11 12:52 PM

Yeah I'm not gonna do that to myself.

rr_thecrowing 12/13/11 12:53 PM

Now that you mention it… I can't look at that cover and think of anything else.

Micah511 12/13/11 12:53 PM

haha, it really does look like that in the video, but its really this.

and to be honest, i would rather listen to this than the chunk no captain crap.

*crying stars* 12/13/11 12:53 PM

Dude in the forefront looks a Jonas brother.

flame_in_darkness 12/13/11 12:53 PM

/likes nu metal for some reason

davidwalbrun 12/13/11 12:54 PM

this is fucking awful

Alex DiVincenzo 12/13/11 12:55 PM

See Ke$ha thread and imagine appropriate gif here.

Thomas Nassiff 12/13/11 12:55 PM

Best day ever.

circletheworld 12/13/11 12:56 PM

wow, that is poorly mixed and produced