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Christian Wagner 12/13/11 02:09 PM

Unsigned Spotlight: Westland
Westland is an unsigned pop-rock band from Boston, MA. They spent their summer playing the Dzambo Stage on Warped Tour and released their new self-titled EP today. You can stream "My Darling" on the band's AP.net profile.

eons 12/13/11 02:47 PM

O god, they still exist?

jakemuscles 12/13/11 03:57 PM


Originally Posted by eons (Post 99386852)
O god, they still exist?


their Don't Take It Personal album is really good. they put on a great live set too.
something does have to happen for them though. its sad seeing a great band not getting the attention they deserve.

ALT/MSC/FAN 12/13/11 04:13 PM

I met their lead singer outside the Bamboozle Roadshow last year. He was a really nice dude and was very passionate about the band. I'd recommend them.

scormier2 12/13/11 05:02 PM

Good dudes. Definitely a different voice, but people should get into it.

ACA 12/13/11 05:57 PM

Check out Receivers if you want the best Mass band putting out an EP today.

TheDemosRock 12/13/11 09:55 PM

holy vomit, that voice

CPF--FBR 12/13/11 11:30 PM

Lol they just played at my school this past weekend.

Searos 12/14/11 12:53 AM

I gotta admit the vocals are a tad odd but tbh they are pretty fun. Liked their last album. I mean hell I love saves the day so I don't mind high pitch vocals. I also love pop rock and these guys seem solid enough,