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Avalanche1 12/14/11 06:01 PM

So insanely excited for this album.

Dre Okorley 12/14/11 06:48 PM


Originally Posted by maxswellrevenge (Post 99451712)
you spelled the song wrong in the title.

That's that MA swagger.

March_Faster!! 12/14/11 08:19 PM

Damn, that sounded nasty. I mean that in a good way.

Zamilton Nerfy 12/14/11 08:25 PM

Loooove this band.

grimis16 12/14/11 08:35 PM

Great EP, looking forward to this

brandon_260 12/14/11 09:05 PM

I'm ridiculously excited for this. Killer vocals.

AtisVP HUN 12/15/11 02:50 AM

sounds awesome!

CP_Ree 12/15/11 06:48 AM

Hearing that clip... it's gonna be so good.

applesandcyanid 12/15/11 07:26 AM

Band deserves to be bigger. So underrated. Clip sounds awesome and I'm stoked on a full length from them!

maxswellrevenge 12/15/11 09:35 AM


Originally Posted by Dre Okorley (Post 99457002)
That's that MA swagger.


punchlinekid182 12/15/11 09:54 AM

Love me some fast paced killer licks

billy3 12/15/11 04:38 PM

so pumped for this release. finally a full length