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Jason Tate 12/15/11 11:30 AM

Police Cracking Down on Punks in Indonesia
According to a recent report, police are, amongst other things, shaving the mohawks off punks at Indonesia concerts.
From the ArticleThe crackdown marked the latest effort by authorities to promote strict moral values in Aceh, the only province in this secular but predominantly Muslim nation of 240 million to have imposed Islamic laws.

Submitted by Meeze

JayDanielHammer 12/15/11 11:34 AM

Obama pic because he is Muslim? Just kidding.

TheDemosRock 12/15/11 11:36 AM


Meeze 12/15/11 11:44 AM

Save the mohawks!

kidinthebushes 12/15/11 11:45 AM

It seems like more and more bands play in Jakarta.

COREhorizon 12/15/11 11:48 AM

Must suck to have religion run your country.

Holly HoX! 12/15/11 11:48 AM

Saw this. Allah had a mohawk.

shortymcsteve 12/15/11 11:51 AM

Send Fat Mike in there to play a show, i saw he was sporting a Mohawk recently.

Henry Ferreira 12/15/11 12:02 PM

Completely absurd. Muslims are so damn severe, but for what?

Spencer Control 12/15/11 12:09 PM

So not punk.

MelissaMDaniels 12/15/11 12:33 PM

That's complete fucked up. What's the threat, exactly? How does a hairstyle determine a moral path?

subplotofcrows 12/15/11 12:56 PM

Anyone who has not read the book or seen the documentary should definitely check out Taqwacore: The Birth of Punk Islam. It's an interesting documentary and high lights some of major struggle between Islam and the punk community.


punchlinekid182 12/15/11 01:02 PM


Originally Posted by COREhorizon (Post 99488292)
Must suck to have religion run your country.

agreed, fuck that shit

SuNDaYSTaR 12/15/11 01:20 PM


“We’re not violating human rights. We’re just trying to put them back on the right moral path.”

esposimi 12/15/11 01:52 PM