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Ryan Gardner 12/20/11 07:58 PM

He Is We - Skip To The Good Part EP
He Is WeSkip To The Good Part EP
Record Label: FrameworkNY
Release Date: December 20, 2011

If My Forever proved anything, it’s that He Is We encompass everything we love about a pop band. It was light-hearted, catchy, and full of charming pop jams. Now growing bigger than ever over the past year, He Is We are back with an EP that is really just something nice for fans. Skip To The Good Part has a remix, acoustic tracks, a stripped track, and of course some new tracks, making the EP quite a treat for fans.

The remix of “All About Us” features Owl City instead of Aaron Gillespie, resulting in a very different more electronic feel to the song – it’s different yes, but it’s not bad by any means. While Young may not bring as much emotion to the song as Gillespie does, he doesn’t hinder it either, bringing a different fan group to He Is We. The piano version of “Prove You Wrong” allows Rachel Taylor’s voice to reach even greater heights than on the original, quite an accomplishment in itself.

However, the real gem here is the stripped version of “Our July In The Rain.” Easily one of the best pop songs of the 2011 as an intricate piano melody strengthens Taylor’s flawless vocal performance, with the chorus being one of her best vocal deliveries to date. The other new songs, “Tell Me” and “Skip To The Good Part,” again follow the softer pop direction of these songs, with the former featuring a stunning build up into a wondrously energetic pop number. Perhaps indicating the direction He Is We plan to take on their sophomore record next year, these new tunes – namely the more experimental drum production and violin inclusion on the title track – prove that this is a definite step in the right direction for the duo.

With My Forever still being a perfect Spring pop record, He Is We echo a different side of their music with Skip To The Good Part, moving toward a softer demeanor this time around. As expected, the sound works wonderfully for Rachel Taylor, with her vocals performance being stronger than ever. They’ve clearly wasted no time getting to the good part with this EP, making fans all the more eager for their sophomore record.


Recommended If You LikeMy Forever; stripped and acoustic versions of songs; adorable female fronted pop tunes

Additional InformationTrack Listing:
1. All About Us (Feat. Owl City)
2. Our July In The Rain (Stripped)
3. Tell Me
4. Skip To The Good Part
5. Our July In The Rain (Acoustic)
6. Prove You Wrong (Piano Version)

He Is We are:
Rachel Taylor – Vocals
Trevor Kelley – Instruments


XLT917 12/20/11 08:15 PM

Great review, really loving this EP. I just discovered He is We like 3 weeks ago and haven't stopped listening to My Forever since.

cwhit412 12/20/11 08:30 PM

Ugh. I need to do my review. Great EP though.

leifstar 12/21/11 07:18 AM

Nice review

UnderMyDreams 12/21/11 11:28 AM

I'll check it out. Always good reviews from you, buddy!

Miketheunicycle 12/21/11 01:03 PM

i love their acoustic stuff so ill have to front my ears to this ep soon

whoelsebutchris 12/21/11 02:17 PM

I don't think anything will ever beat OLD DEMOS but anything they put out is fantastic. It's amazing how far they've gone in the past two years I've known them.

justbradley 12/21/11 07:50 PM

I'll definitely have to check this out; I loved My Forever so I wonder how this will fair out. Honestly, though, the original version of "All About Us" is loads better. But that's coming from an Aaron Gillespie fanboy.

ChelseaRiane 12/21/11 09:35 PM

Can't wait to get my hands on this

hiya 12/23/11 02:15 PM

good review, really liking the EP. I do feel that the version of All About Us with Owl City is so uneccessary though, thev version with Aaron is sooo good and this one is just boring.

whis_kas 12/25/11 12:29 PM

Haven't listened to the EP, but I'm pretty sure is good. These guys make good songs.

Irishbands 12/30/11 04:47 PM

Great record