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Ryan Gardner 12/23/11 10:19 AM

Ourlives - Out of Place EP
OurlivesOut of Place EP
Record Label: Spartan Records
Release Date: November 29, 2011

Not unlike Coldplay or Cary Brothers, Ourlives combine melodically intricate guitars with soft, high-pitched vocals in a ethereal fashion, creating a perfect soundtrack for this winter landscape. Coming from Iceland, Ourlives definitely bring something unique to the table with their debut EP, Out of Place. The soaring melodies crashing into the waves of harmoniously calming guitar play and soft drums create a backdrop of chilling beauty throughout these five songs.

The opening “Out of Place” will please any Coldplay fan, with Leifur Kristinsson’s vocals absolutely surrounding the daunting violin and emotive piano to create a breathtaking atmosphere. “Anything Can Happen Now” uses instrumentation in arguably the most effective way of any song on the EP, as Kristinsson’s enchanting vocals meld into the simplistic acoustic guitars. “Núna” has a slight Muse vibe to it, being one of the darkest moments on the EP due to the thick reverberating bass contrasting with the high-pitched vocals.

Clearly, Ourlives definitely bring something unique to the table – especially for only their first EP – making it seem very possible that the success of artists like Snow Patrol could be down the road for them as well. The layering and atmospheric nature of Out of Place really accent the beauty of Ourlives, as the vocals meld beautifully into the icy instruments throughout the EP. We’ll have to wait and see where Ourlives go with their full length next year, but at this rate, it’s safe to say it will be stunning.


Recommended If You LikeColdplay; Cary Brothers; Snow Patrol

Additional Information
Track Listing:
1. Out of Place
2. Anything Can Happen Now
3. Núna
4. We Lost The Race
5. Where Is The Way?

Ourlives are:
Leifur Kristinsson – Vocal, Guitar
Halfdan Arnason – Bass, Keys, Vocals
Jon Björn Arnason – Guitar, Bass
Gardar Borgtorsson – Drums

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xqueenofheartsx 12/23/11 01:35 PM

Wow Ryan. Thank you so much for exposing me to this band. I am blown away by these songs.

Rysker6 12/23/11 02:45 PM

Pretty swank ass review, definitely going to check them out.

246toothpicks 12/23/11 05:17 PM

Really like this ep

kazuma_ootaro28 12/23/11 06:54 PM

Something I can get behind. I really like what I'm hearing from them.

InfiniteArms 12/23/11 08:30 PM

SPELLING MISTAKE. Is it Ourlives or Outlives?