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Jason Tate 12/26/11 02:57 PM

ABSOLUTExclusive: Dear You Song Premiere (Featuring AJ Perdomo)
The pop-rock band Dear You have asked us to premiere their brand new song "The Way You Left Me" featuring AJ from The Dangerous Summer on guest vocals. So, if you check the replies you can stream the new song right now. What do you think?

Jason Tate 12/26/11 02:57 PM

Dear You - The Way You Left Me

knorr45 12/26/11 03:06 PM

Pretty solid

Michael1002 12/26/11 03:09 PM

Don't like the album art but it's a nice sog. What is the cd's release date

willwho182 12/26/11 03:11 PM

CONGRATS love some dear you!

Kdenisarealboy 12/26/11 03:20 PM

_><_ 12/26/11 03:36 PM

Needs less vocal processing.

jaredohgren 12/26/11 03:36 PM

Damn they're pretty solid.
Vocals sound top notch, but do need less editing.
I like these guys a lot now, consider me a fan.

EDIT: just got to AJ's part and thought it was the lead singer, but AJ kills it regardless like he always does. Also is the cover supposed to be Mr. Tumnus from Narnia?

danceIANdance 12/26/11 03:41 PM

I agree about the vocals needing less editing. Otherwise, I think the song is really solid, will definitely get this album.

XLT917 12/26/11 03:42 PM

That was awesome.

uglystar03 12/26/11 03:49 PM

Not bad, but the vocals do need less processing.

AaronTZK 12/26/11 03:53 PM


squizzbeats 12/26/11 03:59 PM

very solid

laxcrs 12/26/11 04:00 PM

me gusta, will be waiting for this to drop

edit: aj kills guest vox as usual, im still partial to his part in i call fives "try hard to remember"

Jack Appleby 12/26/11 04:03 PM


Originally Posted by _><_ (Post 99985342)
Needs less vocal processing.

This. Catchy tune though.