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Jason Tate 12/28/11 12:24 PM

A Message from Chris from Punchline
Chris from Punchline has posted a message on facebook. The band is releasing a new EP in a few days, and if they don't get to #1 on iTunes, he is vowing to quit playing bass in the band.

Update: Chris has responded to this thread.

Jason Tate 12/28/11 12:24 PM

ARo2431 12/28/11 12:26 PM

No offense, but see ya later Chris. #1 spot is quite the stretch. Best of luck though.

popdisaster00 12/28/11 12:32 PM

The scary thing is that I can actually see these dudes breaking up soon.

Sorry Punchline, but you haven't grabbed me since Action. It's not your fault. You're still awesome.

Rob McWilliams 12/28/11 12:32 PM

Don't think that it's gonna happen, but I'll gladly buy.

ThisIsNotDan 12/28/11 12:35 PM

Just Say Yes was a pretty cool album. haven't listened since though

chordsforacure 12/28/11 12:35 PM

Since Action this band has been putting out the best music of their career. I'll be sad if Chris leaves but maybe him and I can finally film our ICP cover group

t.web4 12/28/11 12:36 PM

So basically he is quitting... probably wants to squeeze as much money as he can out of that next ep

Dustin Harkins 12/28/11 12:39 PM

Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Jason Tate 12/28/11 12:41 PM

So cynical in here.

lp670sv 12/28/11 12:43 PM

If he's serious, then he's delusional.

evenifitkillsme 12/28/11 12:46 PM

not to sound cynical, and I'm pretty far removed from this band myself but I just think this is one of the worst ways to promote your music I've ever seen. what happened to the love of playing? if his ep isn't #1 on itunes he's quitting punchline and the bass? first it sounds childish. second it's like any sportsplayer vowing to quit their sport if they don't win the championship AND league MVP, or any actor vowing this is their last movie if they don't get the academy award. stupid.

at least do something constructive like try to trend on twitter or something. that's marketing. threatening your fans that if they don't buy your music you're quitting is some sort of blackmail bullshit.

wall e 12/28/11 12:46 PM

Chris loves music way too much to quit the band. I'll buy the EP regardless though

AMAAS 12/28/11 12:51 PM

How about 37th?

bobsheiskawy 12/28/11 12:51 PM

i'll be buying the ep because these guys write great music and are awesome people. you should do the same.