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Alex DiVincenzo 01/04/12 09:00 PM

Keep Dead Swans Shut
Listen to a new Dead Swans song entitled "Keep Them Shut" in the replies.

Alex DiVincenzo 01/04/12 09:01 PM

more heart 01/04/12 09:34 PM

Fuck yeah. Was worried they had broken up.

aradiantsunrise 01/04/12 09:41 PM

New song kinda reminds me of The Banner. Definitely a good thing though.

CastlesXClouds 01/04/12 10:01 PM

this is great.

lildrummaboiii 01/04/12 10:08 PM

This rules so much.

CircaAllie 01/05/12 08:07 AM

Still haven't heard a song by Dead Swans that I've disliked.

PetitnaindesĪles 01/05/12 10:58 AM

Kickass !