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Matthew Tsai 01/04/12 11:41 PM

Showbread Update
Showbread posted a list of updates concerning all things related to the band. The special edition of Josh's new book also has 13 remaining preorders left.

Submitted by rawspinner

dan sings 01/05/12 12:00 AM

Now THESE guys know how to handle a Kickstarter.

Yes, the fans paid for the band's studio time.
But, in return, the band gave their album out for free.

I believe that's the true spirit of Kickstarter.
(And their free tour was going the extra mile)

Samprattsap 01/05/12 07:18 AM

I really hope Thieves Guild happens...But at least Five Iron is back.

Aphasia17 01/05/12 08:41 AM

Very interested in the new book..The Spinal Cord Perception was fantastic.

Spencer Control 01/05/12 09:01 AM

Preorders are now sold out. I wish I weren't so cheap, or else I would probably buy all of his books and love them.

CantAffordColor 01/07/12 01:23 AM

his books are so good, so stoked for this new one. almost cried at the end of Nevada.